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Just as the Christmas season is ushered in, so the holiday that comes just before it: Halloween. The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of the few classic films that marries both holidays and sends a message about both.

First, the just because Halloween is a spooky time of year, doesn’t mean you have to be afraid. Except for the boogie-man, that guy is terrifying. Second, that Christmas is not about Sandy-Claws, presents, or trees – but about working together and being kind to one another. And well, not kidnapping Sandy-Claus just before Christmas.

As Halloween rolls in and away, it is time to remember such things and bring Jack Skeleton into your home with these Nightmare Before Christmas slippers. They are perfect for shuffling towards the door and handing out candy to very excited children. Or for keeping your feet toasty while presents are unwrapped and family shenanigans go down.

Just at the movie straddles the seasons, so do these slippers. You can wear them whenever you like between October and December. They are currently priced at $29.99 USD and come in S/M and L/XL. These sizes are not quite a one-fits-all but at least house slippers are meant to be a bit loose.

They are made of polyester and it is not recommended that you put them in the wash, mainly because the stuffing might deteriorate and melt. The material is very soft, especially at the toe where Jack Skeleton’s head is, mouth open and ready to burst into song at moment. The latter is a feature that these slippers, unfortunately, do not come with, but the sentiment is there.

These frighteningly festive house slippers are exclusive to ThinkGeek, so be sure to purchase them now before they run out. Be they for Halloween or Christmas, these slippers are the perfect gift for you or a good friend.

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