Nintendo Creators Program Restricts Livestreaming

Nintendo has recently updated their Nintendo Creators Program include conditions for live streaming Nintendo content. Any members of the program are now banned from live streaming any Nintendo content. Now, let’s start from the beginning before we get into what that means.Nintendo Creators Program Restricts Livestreaming

The Nintendo Creators Program allows YouTube content creators to monetize any videos in their channel, or the full channel, that contain any game content from the Nintendo approved list of games.

If you are a part of their program, you’ll get 30% of the revenue if you register your channel and 40% revenue per video if you register individual videos instead. The rest all goes to Nintendo.

Sounds terrible, right? Well it’s worse if you don’t register your videos to the Nintendo Creators Program. If you don’t, Nintendo receives all of the revenue your video makes, regardless of whether or not the content should fall under fair use. Never mind if they try to pull your entire channel if you have too much of it.

Another exciting tidbit, is that you’ll only be able to join the Nintendo Creators Program if your channel has a total of 10,000 public views.

That said, lets get to the streaming part. So Nintendo has decided that live streaming Nintendo gameplay counts under their policies. As such, if you’ve registered under the Nintendo Creators Program you cannot livestream any gameplay from a Nintendo game. Whether you’re monetizing the video or not, Nintendo won’t let it happen.

Instead, Nintendo wants you to board cast from a channel that isn’t registered with the program. Meaning that this way, Nintendo will get all of the revenue the video makes. Or, they also suggest that you can register the video individually.

Not only that, they require that any video containing Nintendo gameplay content (part of the program or not) to be made original in someway. So if you’re doing a walkthrough, there needs to be commentary, that sort of thing.

Once again, Nintendo doesn’t seem to understand what fair use means, much less fan media coverage.

Source: Nintendo