No Man’s Sky Next Announced, Coming to Xbox

Hello Games, the developers behind 2016’s No Man’s Sky, have another large update coming for the title. In fact, the update will be substantial enough that Hello Games has decided to change the title of their game to reflect its evolution. The team is now calling the project No Man’s Sky Next.Hello Games is

When it debuted in August 2016, No Man’s Sky was a disappointment to many. The vision that Hello Games’ Sean Murray sold to the public is not what was delivered with the title’s launch.

In the following 18 months, Hello Games published dozens of smaller patches alongside 3 major updates (Foundation, Pathfinder, Atlas Rises) to help get No Man’s Sky to where it needed to be. And now the studio believes their work is sufficient enough to give the project a new title:

“We are calling this No Man’s Sky Next because it is an important next step in a journey for No Man’s Sky, for Hello Games and for our devoted community. Each update for No Man’s Sky has been more successful than the last; this was especially true of our last update Atlas Rises. It emboldens the team to push ourselves further. This journey is far from over, and it’s exciting to be working again on something you know will surprise people.”

With the announcement of No Man’s Sky Next also comes confirmation that the game will be coming to Xbox One “later in 2018.” But with No Man’s Sky Next comes all of content Hello Games has developed for the base game to date. As well as “a lot more surprises from Next yet to be announced.”

For those looking for a boxed copy of No Man’s Sky Next, Hello Games has teamed with 505 Games to distribute a physical edition that will ship worldwide. No Man’s Sky Next will be available as an update on PlayStation 4 and PC as well. But there’s no word whether those will launch first, or alongside the Xbox One edition of the game.