No Man’s Sky: 5 Things We Should See in the Universe But Don’t

No Man's Sky ethicsThe hype surrounding No Man’s Sky is undeniable, but unfortunately, the game mostly doesn’t live up to that hype. It’s not a terrible game by any means, but those expecting a perfect 10 will have to look elsewhere. Many reviewers (including myself) have pointed out a number of the game’s critical flaws that are immediately noticeable in the first few hours of the game, including inventory management issues, lack of any sort of story/explanation for why you’re doing what you’re doing, and numerous technical issues (especially with the release of the Steam version…yikes).

Gamers from all over the world have been sharing their unique finds that have been scattered about the galaxy, mostly showcasing some of the game’s cool-looking planets and creatures. But what about what we’re NOT seeing? What are some things that we should be seeing in No Man’s Sky but simply aren’t?

Here are five things we should see in the No Man’s Sky universe but don’t:

1. Cities

No man's Sky cities

One of No Man’s Sky‘s biggest flaws is that a lot of the areas on all of the planets all look samey; there’s not much variety in what sort of structures you’ll come across. In fact, aside from the Space Stations that look, well, like a space station should, there are only a handful of other structures in the entire galaxy. Why isn’t there ANY massive civilization of any kind? Isn’t the point of being interested in science fiction because you want to find massive, cool-looking futuristic-looking civilizations far beyond our understanding? In No Man’s Sky, that simply doesn’t happen, despite the fact that there are trillions of planets. Instead, we find the same handful of buildings that may or may not contain a single alien lifeform.

2. Reflective Surfaces (Like a Mirror So You Can See What Your Character Looks Like)

No Man's Sky Water

One of the big complaints about No Man’s Sky is that, since it’s a first-person game, we have no idea what our characters looks like. And because of the mysterious happenings regarding two players being in the same place at the same time and not seeing each other, we’re wondering if there simply aren’t any character models included in the game. We’ve tried all sorts of tricks to try and get a glimpse of ourselves in the game, but unfortunately, there aren’t any reflective surfaces in the game. Why isn’t there a single mirror or reflective surface found on any of the planets? Even water lacks reflection properties, which in itself is a baffling design flaw. Sure, it has a slight shimmer to it, but you can’t see yourself or anything else reflecting on any body of water’s.The windows in our spaceship are the only windows found in the game, and they show no reflection. The various instances of metallic surfaces found in the game also don’t have any reflective properties. Computer screens and various glass (serving as clear computer screens) have no reflective properties, either. Why does nothing in No Man’s Sky have a reflection?

The windows on our spaceship are apparently water the only windows found in the game, and they show no reflection, either. The various instances of metallic surfaces found in the game also don’t have any reflective properties. Computer screens and various glass (serving as clear computer screens) have no reflective properties, either. Why does nothing in

3. Clues About Backstory (Photos, Garbage, etc)

no man's sky story

One of the biggest oddities in No Man’s Sky is that we aren’t given any sort of backstory about our character. Instead, we’re thrown onto a planet to figure out how to survive the elements of that planet, find resources to get off the planet, with the goal being to go to a new planet to do it all over again. But aside from its repetitive nature, the fact that we’re not given any story about our own character is very offputting.

There are plenty of ways to make the player care about their character with little nods that could have a big impact on an overarching story of sorts. Slipping a photo of our family in our first spaceship’s dashboard (as pilots typically do in movies) would be a great way to say, “hey, you have something to care about in this game”. Also, finding any remains of other former space explorers scattered about the galaxy would be a great way to show some potential consequences for your actions. Having little things like water bottles or other garbage that would allude to there once being human life in the area could help push a narrative. Instead, we get nothing — there’s not a single bottle of anything found on the planet.

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4. Drinking Water and Food

no man's sky survival

In case you haven’t noticed, all of the water that you come across in No Man’s Sky is irradiated. It’s poisonous. Yet, as I mentioned above, we don’t see any water bottles scattered about the planets. We have our Life Support module and spacesuit to protect us from the elements and angry alien animals, but it’s strange that the game doesn’t make us responsible for the health of our own bodies in any way. No Man’s Sky feels like a survival game that’s light on typical survival elements. Water and food are necessary, and in my 35 hours in the galaxy so far, I haven’t had a bite to eat or a drink of water.

Wouldn’t at least some of the planets have some sort of footprint that alludes to there once being intelligent life? Shouldn’t we find empty Doritos bags or something?

With many people complaining that the game is just too basic, wouldn’t it be great if there were another element of survival added? What if when you kill some of those hostile alien animals, they dropped meat, which in turn you’d use to cook your own food. What if you had to detoxify the water found on a planet before drinking it? There’s two gameplay mechanics that add more layers to the simple gameplay currently found in the game.

5. More Humanoid Aliens

In all of my travels so far, I only need two hands to count how many intelligent/humanoid aliens I’ve actually seen. I’m talking about just the quantity of the actual aliens, not the number of total alien races. I should see Gek civilizations of some sort, bustling with Gek life, right? Shouldn’t there be Vy’Keen parties taking place somewhere? Shouldn’t at least some of the various bases found in your travels have more than just one alien sitting at a desk?

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