Overwatch: Storm Rising Event Teased

Yesterday, Blizzard posted a fictitious newspaper article entitled A Local Legacy Forgotten. It told the story of the Diaz family’s Dom Rumbotico distillery and the unfortunate, yet suspicious, events that befell it. Fans speculated that it could be a tease for another lore based Overwatch event, and today they were proven correct. A new archive event dubbed Overwatch: Storm Rising has been revealed.

At the bottom of the aforementioned newspaper article, there’s a reference to a hurricane nearing the Cuban shores. Hurricane Fernand is a Category 3 storm, expecting to cause significant damage to the in-game country. Which may correlate to Blizzard naming the upcoming event Overwatch: Storm Rising.

But Hurricane Fernand is just a backdrop to the main picture here. The Overwatch: Storm Rising event appears to have players reliving a strike mission that took place in Cuba. The audio clip Blizzard published to Twitter today indicates that the Overwatch strike team is on the hunt for Doomfist’s accountant. Hoping to hinder the nemesis since they’re having no luck taking down the villain directly.

The Overwatch: Storm Rising event will see Tracer leading the strike team on the Cuban mission. Mercy, Winston and Genji are confirmed as the supporting crew in tow.

It’s likely that a new Havana based map will make its debut within next week’s content as well. Perhaps even utilizing the Dom Rumbotico distillery as a central point for battles. Blizzard has done that with the last two archive events. 2017 saw a revisioned Kings Row, while 2018 introduced the Rialto map.

Blizzard revealed in their teaser today that the Overwatch: Storm Rising event will begin in just under a week. The storm kicks off on April 16th and wraps up on May 6th. You can keep up on your gaming news, whether it be Overwatch or anything else that’s hot, right here.