The Nerd Much? Podcast

The Nerd Much Podcast

If you’ve been following Nerd Much? for awhile now (we thank you!!), you might have heard us talking about starting up an official podcast — it’s been a goal for us since we started the site back in 2015.

Well, we’ve FINALLY started it. The official Nerd Much? podcast begins now, and episode 1 is ready for your listening pleasure below.

What to Expect

Every week, our nerdy podcast is going to talk about the latest happenings in video games, movies, and TV. We’ll be heavy handed on the video game stuff, of course, as that’s who we are (which is why you’ll see more than 50% of our articles are about gaming).

The podcast will always include Nerd Much? co-owners Bobby and Liz Bernstein as co-hosts, and we’ll add-in a rotating cast of other writers and potentially some special guests down the line.

The typical format is going to be as follows:

“Whatcha Playin This Week”
News: We’ll throw out some of the latest news and give our opinions about whatever is happening.
Editorial discussions: Deeper discussions about something going on in the game/movie industry that we want to dig into and unpack a little.
Games (we have various games planned. Stay tuned)
Community Questions
Final Thoughts

Send your comments/questions to inquiries [at] nerdmuch [dot] com (or tweet at us) and we’ll choose the best questions to read on the podcast and give responses.

When to Expect It Every Week

We’re planning to record every Saturday night and release Sunday afternoons. If that changes at all (and expect it might), we’ll announce it on this page and on Twitter

All episodes will be posted right here on this page via Soundclick, and we’ll work to get us on all of the major podcast apps (iTunes, PlayerFM, etc) as soon as possible.

For now, give us a listen a listen below.

Where Else You Can Listen to It

TuneIn: Coming Soon