Pokémon Trainer Duffle Bag

This Pokémon Trainer Duffle Bag is from ThinkGeek and is mostly grey with an embroidered Poké Ball logo on the front. The logo is framed by two black, white, and red stripes for the handle. The word “Pokémon” is curved around the logo at the top and the word “Trainer” is straight and at the bottom. There are two short straps and one adjustable shoulder strap.

The Pokémon Trainer Duffle Bag is made entirely of cotton, so keep that in mind before you wash it. It is recommended that you surface wash with a damp cloth and air dry at best, do not throw it in with the rest of your laundry.

Now that Pokémon Go has become so popular, it is imperative to wear your nerdiness with pride and let other trainers know that you mean business. This Pokémon Trainer Duffle Bag can carry everything you need while on your way to work or to get that Legendary at your local gym. There is truly nothing more heartwarming than spotting another player, giving the awkward wave, and taking down that Moltres or Articuno together.

For those that have the Nintendo Switch, the Pokémon Trainer Duffle Bag would easily fit the gaming system. There is no full Pokémon game on the Switch yet, but Nintendo has made it clear that they are working on one.

At the moment, there is Pokken Tournament, which is a fighting game that features most of the Pokémon in the main Nintendo games. It is based on Bandai Namco’s Tekken series and features similar gameplay elements like move sets and short dialogue clips.

For those that are more interested in real-time battles with their Pokémon, rather than the turn-based combat in the main Nintendo games, Pokken Tournament can fulfill that desire. Not only will you get to see your favorite Pokémon large and 3D, you get to see their attacks and the reaction of their opponents much faster.

Price: $63.99 USD

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