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Population Zero Wants to Change the Survival MMO Genre

Enplex Games is on a mission. With their newly announced title Population Zero, which is now one of our most anticipated upcoming MMORPGs of 2020, the studio is looking “to reimagine the foundations of the survival MMO genre.” And with the ambition and scope of the game we’ve seen thus far, they might have a chance to do so.

Enplex’s take on the survival MMO genre with Population Zero includes a litany of goals. They’re touting a hand crafted world that’s filled with dangerous and smart creatures. Gameplay will consist of a “deep skill-driven combat system with both melee and ranged weaponry.” And you’ll progress via “deep, intuitive Perks and Technology tree”.

Crafting and building will be a big component of Population Zero. As will factions, with a “refined Guild system”. Together with your team, you’ll explore Kepler-438 B and experience the game’s narrative as you explore this ancient planet and solve its many mysteries.

Vladimir Makarichev, Executive Producer on the title, released the following statement confirming more news is to come:

“From the moment we started working on Population Zero, the game has been through many phases of concept and refining. We are finally able to show the first fruits of what we planned two years ago to the players and in the coming weeks and months, we will start revealing in-depth the main game features. 2019 is going to be a very exciting year for us and for the project since we plan to push the PZ to Open Beta and release soon after that.”

If you’re intrigued so far, you can now check the game out in Early Access. Each of them earns you access to the Population Zero alpha and beta tests when they go live next year. The developers state this will be the only way to get in early, saying “Population Zero will not be an Early Access title, instead opting for true alpha and beta testing before a real launch where everyone can begin on equal footing in the new alien frontier.” The Founders Packs run at $20, $50, and $80, will each tier granting increasing levels of perks.

Enplex Games says they’re targeting a Q2 2019 launch for the Population Zero closed beta. They’re hoping to get an open beta rolled out by fall 2019. At this point, they’re unsure of what financial model they’ll utilize. But they promise those that purchase Founders Packs will be rewarded accordingly:

“We are still looking into different business models and will test some features during the Alpha and Beta tests. This will help us to find the most comfortable and accessible type of subscription (or lack of thereof) for our players. Regardless of what we decide, every player who joined our founder’s program will be awarded with loot worthy of a founder and will be able to use all the exclusive in-game items and privileges the moment they are made available.”