Projection: First Light Coming to Nintendo Switch

Yet another indie game is coming to the Nintendo Switch, along with all other systems including the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. This one is titled Projection: First Light and is developed by Shadowplay Studios and published by Blowfish. It will be released sometime in the second financial quarter of 2018.

Projection is a game made in the art style of shadow puppets and follows the story of a little girl named Gerta. She discovers her power over a particular source of light, much like the orb in Child of Light. With this, Gerta goes on a “journey of self-enlightenment” and meets heroes from various cultures around the world, including Indonesia, China, Turkey, Greece, and 19th century England.

In order to make sure this little history lesson and the style of the game was accurate to each culture, Shadowplay Studios consulted with Richard Bradshaw. He is an Australian puppeteer, renowned for his work and knowledge on the subject.

The founder of Shadowplay Studios Michael Chu stated that he got the idea when recalling playing with shadows on the wall as a child. After playing around with the idea “at a game jam” Chu realized it was concept that had a lot of potential. So out popped Projection, with dynamic platforming and beautiful shadow puppetry.

Projection certainly does look beautiful and reminds me a lot of El, a free game on Android. El has a completely different story and theme, but the art style feels similar. Though the story of enlightenment is a little tired at this point, I do look forward to seeing more of this shadow puppetry.

The latter is something I’ve never seen personally on a stage, so it would be cool to learn what all these different cultures did with the concept in their history. Learning about the heroes of each culture will certainly be interesting too, it is rare enough to see something from Turkey of all places and Indonesia.