PUBG Anti-Cheat Update Goes Live Today

PUBG community manager Andro Dars has announced that the anti-cheat measures discussed in the game’s latest update will be arriving this evening at 6pm PST. At the time, the update did not detail what the anti-cheat measures were, but the developers did state that they are looking into taking some cheaters to court. This is hardly surprising, as both Blizzard and Epic Games have stated before that they are doing the same thing.A screenshot of PUBG's desert map

Not long after the update was announced, it was revealed that the anti-cheat measures would block all third party programs, like Reshade. Reshade is a program, or mod, that helps the player adjust the saturation levels beyond what the game allows.

If you are using any third-party program, Reshade or otherwise, it might be best to remove it now. You will not be banned if you happen to have it installed, but you will not be able to play the game until your remove it. While doing this, you should be prepare to reinstall the game.

Despite such programs being relatively harmless and not cheating, PUBG’s developers are taking extra precautions against them. This is because third-party programs “hook into our game and transform game files” and as such can be “used to gain an unfair advantage” and “behave like cheats.”

That said, these precautions might also affect more official programs like NVIDIA Shadow Play. The block is temporary and if it does happen to you, the developers urge you to report it so that they can better hone their anti-cheat measures.

Again, the developer’s goal is to ban players who are using cheats that change the original game files in some way. This also happens to be one of the ways other companies like Blizzard are using to convict their cheaters. It is essentially a violation of the original IP and the user agreement.

What do you think of PUBG’s anti-cheat measures? Do you think they are too harsh or not harsh enough? Do you think cheaters deserve to be convicted in court? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.