PUBG “Clones” Are Great for PUBG’s Future (Opinion)

You might have noticed by now the massive influx of Battle Royale games hitting the video game market lately, and that’s all thanks to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.PUBG clones

Now, we know that PUBG didn’t start the Battle Royale genre, and it wasn’t the first game to have the formula it does now. Last man standing-type modes have a long history in video games, albeit with a lesser player count. But if it weren’t for Battle Royal Arma 3 mod, PUBG’s creator (Brendan Greene) would not have been hired to help with H1Z1, nor would he have gone on to make PUBG at all. Of course, the spiral continues on from there: we wouldn’t have Fortnite‘s Battle Royale mode, The Culling, or any of the other similar games.

Obviously, copying is the sincerest form of flattery, and now that PUBG is blushing due to the seemingly never-ending slew of new battle royale games that have since released or have been announced (or even rumored), Bluehole Inc needs to shake things up to stay ahead of the soon-to-be-crowded market.

And while most of us are likely sick to death of seeing new games in this genre announced, there is a silver lining: PUBG “clones” are great for the future of PUBG.

It has been a big news week for the battle royale genre. Earlier this week, it was announced that Fortnite has overtaken PUBG in concurrent players. Also, another battle royale game called Fear the Wolves was announced, which has more of a horror-themed post apocalyptic vibe. On Friday, yet another BR game was announced, titled Egress. But the BR news doesn’t stop there, as Fortnite just announced another temporary mode called the Floor is Lava.

So clearly, the competition is heating up, and it’s this sort of competition and entrant of new ideas that’s going to keep the PUBG devs on their toes. And, it’d be pretty simple for the devs to change things up, as longtime players are beginning to realize that gameplay can be stagnant (especially when their biggest new addition, the Miramar map, hasn’t been very well-received).

The forums are littered with players complaining about many different shortcomings of the game, including the lack of unique cosmetic accessories contained in loot crates (you can see what limited PUBG items are currently available), limited map options (only two for now, with no word on a third), and limited modes.

Now, why would we bring up the lack of items in loot crates? Well, I think one big (and relatively simple) Cosmetics-themed update for PUBG could go a long way. With Fortnite having so many different visual options in comparison to PUBG, it’s just one more advantage Fortnite has over PUBG.

[bs-quote quote=”Right now, it feels as though Bluehole and PUBG Corp are starting to become complacent in their success…” style=”default” align=”center” author_name=”Bobby Bernstein” author_job=”Editor-in-Chief,”][/bs-quote]

Right now, it feels as though Bluehole and PUBG Corp are starting to become complacent in their success and popularity, and the introduction of new battle royale games will likely send a jolt of electricity to snap them out it. It was previously the case that, since PUBG was on top of the world, they didn’t have to release new content. So, the majority of players didn’t care that there wasn’t new content being introduced because it was pretty much the only option.

Hell, we even all got excited when a couple of new guns were introduced, treating it like some big revelation instead of the hush money that it was for those who were complaining on the forums.

But bringing more frequent PUBG content updates would make it more tempting for players to keep logging in day after day, so even something as simple as a Cosmetics update that I mentioned above would go a long way.

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Obviously, PUBG isn’t for everyone and as each new battle royale game is introduced, it’s going to naturally take at least some of the game’s player base. But if PUBG Corp starts to really focus on keeping things fresh for dedicated players of their game, the company could regain some of those players periodically with seasonal/temporary updates. This would help the game’s player retention to rise (because players would simply have more to love).

Of course, maybe this influx in competition might pressure PUBG Corp to quell some of the game’s biggest issues, like the need for region locking and a fix for the rampant cheating.

In theory, at least, PUBG clones are great for PUBG’s future success. As a big fan of PUBG, my hope is that Bluehole and PUBG Corp won’t sit on their laurels for too long and will soon begin taking a new approach to content creation. Personally, I’d love to see new life breathed into the game, and I know many of our readers will agree with me.

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