Huge PUBG Update Adds Training Mode, New Weapon, Vehicle and More

PUBG Corp. announced a substantial PUBG update coming to the PC today. The update introduces a brand new Training Mode, a new assault rifle, a new vehicle, a new reward system and much, much more.

The newly implemented Training Mode is a place in which “you can practice all aspects of PUBG gameplay”. But after watching the trailer above, it’s clearly a fun location designed to just screw around.

The map is 2×2 in size and you can join it within the matchmaking menu. Sessions launch where there are at least 5 people in the lobby, and the new Training Mode can host up to 20 people at a time. Play sessions will last for 30 minutes tops within the Training Mode. You can’t die here, as you’re HP will never drop below 1.

There’s a fresh new gun on the market too that you can work out the kinks with while messing around in Training Mode. It’s an AR dubbed the MK47 Mutant. It’s available on all maps and utilizes 7.62 bullets. It holds 20 rounds initially, with a maximum of 30 via an extended magazine.

You can use the MK47 Mutant in both single shot and 2 round burst modes. All the accessories that work with the MK47 will work here too, but the new weapon does not have a stock slot.

There’s a new vehicle in the latest PUBG update that is exclusive to the Sanhok map. It’s a 3 person vehicle which substitutes for the Minibus, Dacia and UAZ. It moves slower throughout Sanhok, but PUBG Corp. promises it “fits perfectly with Sanhok’s environment.”

A new supply system is begin added with this PUBG update too. It’s designed to offer rewards based upon completed missions and overall playtime. There will be a mission list that refreshes both daily and weekly to provided added incentives and possible bonuses.

PUBG Corp. has also added a new Laser Sight into the game. The attachment reduces bullet spread when hip firing and soft aiming. It can be used with a weapon’s grip slot if the lower rail is available.

There are a ton of bug fixes, quality of life enhancements, gameplay tweaks and more with today’s update. Feel free to checkout PUBG Corps.’ complete notes to get the details on all the nitty-gritty.