6 Reasons to Use a VPN for Gaming

Every week there is a news story about someone having their identity stolen or a giant data leak at a global corporation. Get used to it. That’s our reality; there will always be someone who wants to steal something from you whether it be money, personal info, or indeed your identity. It’s more important for us to secure our computers, now, more than ever.

VPN’s are designed for privacy.

They stop pesky hackers from stealing your data or identifying your IP address. They encrypt your data and keep it safe from prying eyes.

Let’s say you wanted to do some shopping and imagine you are connected to the internet via road. It’s easy for someone to follow that road directly back to your house and rob you while you’re away. On the other hand, you could hire a company to look after your home, guard the road and do all the shopping on your behalf. That way, your location and your details are kept secret and safely locked away.

Traditionally VPN’s have been used by big businesses, banks and government agencies, but VPN service providers have now identified the gaming community to require protection.

Why do I need a VPN for gaming? Is this protection really needed?

Well, the short answer is yes, but first I will look at some of the claims Virtual Private Network suppliers make and then we’ll decipher the points that actually matter.

1 VPN’s improve latency

Speed is essential to online gamers the world over. No one wants to be at a disadvantage, purely because of the network. Nothing is more frustrating than a bad connection and lag. For multiplayer gamers, low latency and a stable connection are paramount. VPN’s can place you on a server closer to the gaming server, which reduces ping time and improves your gaming experience. Online games will display your ping rate, which should remain under 1,000 to avoid having network delays. In my humble opinion, skill should be the deciding factor and not the ping rate, but using a VPN does improve latency, if you’re looking to do that, you can check out a top VPN option for gamers like Surfshark – download now.

2 VPN’s allow you to play while traveling

In this world of connectivity, I still struggle to understand why you can’t access games in certain parts of the world. I’m not talking about trekking through the Amazon jungle here. I’m talking about spending a few weeks in Europe. Have you tried playing your US system in Germany? It’s impossible. A VPN service will place you on a server back home so you can continue playing until you arrive…back home. Happy holidays.

3 VPN’s allow access to the latest games

Have you ever felt the rage and injustice, like when a new game is scheduled for release in the US but is only available in Europe a week later? It can be extremely frustrating. You can now keep up with the competition by using a VPN to mask your IP address.

4 LAN Gaming is possible with a VPN

You can connect PC’s and laptops and play games via a LAN network. The benefits are obvious. With a VPN. If you have friends, of course.

5 Avoid ISP Data throttling with a VPN

When playing at peak times, and you get a bad connection, you automatically assume its because the whole world and his dog is online at that particular moment in time. Which is usually accurate, but the bad connection is generally due to ISP data throttling. Throttling is where your internet service provider tries to stop overuse and abuse of the system. When your ISP detects online gaming activity, (sometimes with services like Netflix too) it works to slow down your connection. You’re supposed to share it, didn’t you know?

To stop throttling use a VPN, and your data packets shall be encrypted. Hey, presto.

6 Avoid DDOS attack or Doxing with a VPN

DDOS or distributed denial of service is where multiple infected computer systems are used to attack one, namely yours. However, don’t panic; it is extremely rare to attack a single computer in this way. This technique is typically reserved for much bigger prey like banks or corporate entities. Doxing is more likely the tactic these hackers will use. They gather information from old social media profiles, online purchases, medical websites and such. Hackers that attack in this way want to take your personal data and expose you to the world. When you see a celebrity scandal on the news, this is normally the result of doxing. Should an attacker find vulnerabilities in your system, they could hijack your data and expose you. So protect yourself with a VPN.

You definitely should use a VPN for three reasons. To improve latency, get access to the latest games and exclusives from anywhere in the world and most importantly, to protect your data. More importantly, don’t rely on a free VPN service there is multiple paid service to choose from.

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