Red Dead Redemption 2 Wildlife Detailed

Rockstar Games has provided some fresh Red Dead Redemption 2 details for us today. Specifically, the developers have broken down the impressive Red Dead Redemption 2 wildlife we’ll come across in the upcoming game. And when we say impressive, we mean impressive. Because, you know, Rockstar.

Rockstar states that Red Dead Redemption 2 wildlife will span around 200 different species of animal, birds and fish. “All of which behave and respond to their environment in a unique way.” The developer included images from “A Zoological Compendium of Earth’s Creatures”, a fictional encyclopedia that I’m assuming tracks the Red Dead Redemption 2 wildlife that you encounter in-game. Here’s a description of what we’ll be seeing from Rockstar’s ambitious wildlife system:

Deer, bison and pronghorn traverse the plains in large herds, scavengers quickly sniff out carrion, sockeye salmon leap upstream, wolves attack in packs surrounding their prey, geese fly in fixed formations, possums play dead, rodents scamper into tree hollows, grizzly bears bluff charge when threatened, and birds of prey soar on thermals. They all form part of a complex ecosystem and must continually fight for their place on the food chain. The wilderness is at once a bountiful and perilous place, for both man and beast, and any predator can quickly turn prey.

We’re beginning to realize how incredibly detailed this game is as more information comes out. To the point that when hunting, Rockstar says you’ll need to “watch the wind direction or you will alert your prey.” Also, they state that “choice of weapon and shot placement are also very important and will affect the quality of the meat and pelt, which in turn affects the price that traders will pay for them.”

If you’re first shot isn’t immediately fatal, Red Dead Redemption 2 wildlife will run off in an effort to escape. You can then find the animal by following tracks or by the blood lit leaves behind. There is a fishing system in the game as well. Rockstar confirms “a range of species can be found in different habitats, each responding to different varieties of bait.”

19 unique horse breeds are confirmed to be in the game. Each handles differently and have different characteristics. You can break them in the wild, purchase them from stables, or acquire them by “more underhanded means”.

Rockstar compares your relationship with your horse as one similar to one with any of your gang members. Should you keep your horse groomed and well-fed, you’ll see improvements in its statistics which include stamina, performance, and handling. The studio also confirms that there are 59 different styles of coat, and a huge assortment of customizable features such as tack, saddles, horns, stirrups, and spurs.

In addition to the Red Dead Redemption 2 wildlife that Rockstar broke down, Sony also announced that a PlayStation 4 bundle is coming our way next month. The bundle includes a 1TB Jet Black PlayStation 4 Pro, a DualShock 4 wireless controller, and Blu-ray copy of Red Dead Redemption 2. The bundle will go on sale alongside the game itself on October 26th.