Rosewill RGH-3300 Gaming Headset Review

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**Rosewill provided us with a review unit.**

Finding the right balance between features and price in the gaming headset space can certainly be difficult, and appealing to every type of gamer is never going to happen. Some gamers care more about sound quality while others care more about the look of their headset. And that’s where the Rosewill RGH-3300 headset comes in; it’s intended for those who place more value in sound quality than the looks.

Rosewill RGH-3300 review

The RGH-3300 does sound good, too, thanks to its 50mm full spectrum drivers. It has great response in the low range frequencies, and the middles are super clear. Its noise-cancelling microphone provides impressive clarity for a headset in the price range, and even in a hectic battle for the payload in Overwatch (which tends to be super loud), my teammates had no problems hearing me clearly. In fact, I received a few compliments about my mic’s sound quality while using the RGH-3300.

The headset is also comfortable, which swivel earcups that adjust to the shape of your head. The earcups are soft and filled with memory foam so that they fit snuggly but don’t press against your face — important for anyone who wears glasses who frequently find headsets pushing their glasses into the side of their face.

As far as the physical design of the headset is concerned, it certainly leaves much to be desired. It has a dated aesthetic, with it mostly consisting of a black and silver components. There’s no RGB LED lighting or any other illumination here, which is fine, but there’s also not much along the lines of any color at all, excluding a few red logos. It’s not a dealbreaker to most, but the fact that it doesn’t have a cool look to it will turn off some buyers.

The headset also earns points for being versatile, easily switching between PC, Xbox One, PS4, Wii U, your smartphone and anything else with an aux in jack.

The audio wires also look thin and cheap, and my concern is that they won’t be as long-lasting as other stronger audio cables, like a braided cable or something else along those lines.

However, if you’re looking for a sub-$50 headset that has great sound, the Rosewill RGH-3300 gaming headset is a good option, albeit a boring one to look at. Its microphone clarity is the best you’ll find in the price range, and its price tag is just too good to ignore. The RGH-3300 is available on Amazon right now for $39.99.


  • Sound Quality
  • Microphone Clarity
  • Price
  • Comfortable


  • Dated Look
  • Questionable Audio Cables

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