Reptar Rugrats Cereal and Reptar Bar

Prices: Reptar Cereal at $12.99 USD, Reptar chocolate bar at $13.34 USD for one and $69.99 USD for 24.

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Miss those Saturday mornings with Rugrats? Now you can feel like a kid again with the Rugrats officially licensed Reptar Cereal from FYE. The box art is sure to take you back, with Reptar, himself, on the front eating his colorful cereal.

On one side of the box, we have what appears to be a word search game with three of the main characters, Chuckie Finster, Angelica Pickles, and her brother Tommy. Nothing brings back childhood memories like solving the cereal puzzle every morning.

Though the box proclaims “monster flavor in every bite,” the cereal is more like regular Froot Loops than actual monster. As such, it is very sweet and probably includes more food coloring than you need in your life.

Turn on your favorite episodes of Rugrats and munch away on pure nostalgia with this Reptar cereal. The box contains 12.25 ounces of cereal and goes for $12.99 USD

If this Reptar cereal isn’t quite enough sugar for you, a Reptar chocolate bar is available as well. Priced at $13.34 USD on Amazon for an individual bar and $69.99 USD for 24 of them on FYE. All the links are below. The outer shell is milk chocolate and on the inside is a lovely bright green frosting. So bright it will dye your tongue green. Get messy and get green just like the Rugrats would.

The chocolate bar wrapper art once again features Reptar in the center with a yellow background. Each side is bordered with a string of colorful Christmas lights which makes it a little more festive for the upcoming season. There are even little snowflakes to really complete that festive look and keep this chocolate as the perfect stocking stuffer.

The chocolate bar is 1.75 ounces, so about the average size of a normal chocolate. Combined with the Reptar Cereal, you’re sure to have an obnoxiously sweet breakfast.

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