Scuf Vantage PS4 Controller is the New Standard

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Scuf Gaming has announced “the new standard for performance controllers.” Officially licensed for the PlayStation 4, the Scuf Vantage controller looks poised to become one of the best controllers on the market.

The design and layout of the Scuf Vantage is clearly inspired by the blueprint set by the Xbox One. Gone are the parallel thumbsticks which are a standard on PlayStation 4. Instead, the Vantage utilizes offset left and right sticks. But Scuf’s flagship controller does a hell of a lot more than just moving sticks around.

The Vantage has 4 paddles installed on the back of the controller which can be customized to do as you please. It also has what Scuf is calling Sax Buttons. “An industry first” and “newly patented” the Sax Buttons rest just to the side of R1 and L1. They serve as another customizable input key just like the 4 back paddles.

Your R2 and L2 triggers are fully customizable too. They feature adaptable length, adaptable pull depth, and adjustable tension. The bottom of the controller face also sports an audio touch bar. Here, you can swipe to adjust volume or simply tap to easily mute your mic.

The faceplates of the Scuf Vantage are removable so you can swap them out. Your thumbsticks too have options. Shorter sticks are available for quick movements, or longer sticks can be utilized for more precision aiming. The sticks also feature anti-friction rings. These “self-lubricating rings [make] the thumbsticks glide on contact.”

The standard D-Pad can be used for “quick single-direction controls.” Or swap it out for the Control Disc instead for easier diagonal hits. The controller even offers you the ability to remove the vibration modules if you’d prefer to reduce the weight and eliminate vibration function.Scuf Vantage

You can head straight to the Scuf Vantage’s site to begin designing your own personal controller. The controller is, in a word, impressive. It’s available in both wired and wireless varieties. The former runs at $169.95 while wireless will set you back $199.95.

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