Shadow of the Colossus Release Date Quietly Set for February 2018

Sony rolled out a ton of news yesterday at their Paris Games Week conference. Amongst the bustle was a brand new trailer for the Shadow of the Colossus remake. Many of these conference trailers end with a tag citing the game’s planned release window. The trailer for Shadow of the Colossus did not.

Fans weren’t given any indication as to when we could expect the highly anticipated remake to hit our PlayStation 4’s. So it was quite unexpected when Sony just casually posted the information in a couple of places online.

Attentive gamers who watched the Shadow of the Colossus trailer on YouTube may have caught the news in the trailer’s description. In plain text, “Coming February 6, 2018.” No declaration. No fanfare. Just the date. Sony then also updated the game’s official page confirming the news.

Shadow of the Colossus’ original director, Fumito Ueda, left Sony in 2011. The remake duties of Colossus are being handled by Sony’s Japan Studio and Bluepoint Games. Sony and the developers boast that Colossus is being “rebuilt from the ground up for the PlayStation 4 system.”

Because of this fans thought there could be some added bells and whistles put into the project. Ueda had previously mentioned that a few colossi in the original game had been cut from the final product. Fans had hoped those would be implemented into the remake. However, Ueda squashed those hopes and stated it wouldn’t be happening.

Ueda also mentioned that he had a list of recommended changes that would benefit Shadow of the Colossus’ remake. Unfortunately, alongside any unused colossi, Ueda said those changes wouldn’t be incorporated either.

Regardless, Shadow of the Colossus is deemed an all-time great game. The original PlayStation 2 outing current rests at 91 on Metacritic. So as long as Japan Studios and Bluepoint Games remain faithful to Ueda’s original vision, we should have a hell of game coming our way in February.

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