From Software’s New Game Might Be Phantom Wail

The rumor mill is spinning, proceed with caution as E3 2017 approaches. According to an anonymous user on 4Chan, From Software is going to be releasing a game titled Phantom Wail. It apparently is the product of that “collaboration” between the author of the Berserk manga and From Software’s president after the two were caught meeting in Japan.

Phantom Wail, according to the 4Chan post, will be revealed at Sony’s E3 as a PS4 exclusive. As to the game itself, they are saying that is will be similar to Bloodborne and has an “ancient Aztec/Mayan/tribal aesthetic.”

This would be a fairly cool turn from the usual medieval era most of From Software’s games are placed in. Other features include “traditional melee weapons,” each weapon will not have it’s own move set, the game will still be a dark fantasy, and a rather interesting combat system.

The post states that there will be “emphasis on hand-to-hand combat” and much like Absolver, the player will be able to customize their move set order and fighting style in both hand-to-hand and weapons. Similarities to Nioh have also been mentioned, however most combat heavy games seem to have this feature in one way or another. That said, Absolver is probably the only one that focuses on hand-to-hand in the exact same way; allowing the player to choose between various martial art styles and later pick up weapons.

Though it’s entirely possible that From Software has another game in the works, especially after implying that Dark Souls 3 will be the last of the series. The games this studio makes are quite popular because of their style, it’s hard to imagine them graduating away from the usual combat style.

Again, a lump of salt must be taken with this one. As exciting as a new game from the famous studio might be, rumors are usually prolific around E3.