Sony’s Spider-Man Plans for the Next 8 Years

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If you’re one of the folks naively hoping that Sony will just cede their Spider-Man rights back to Marvel and walk away, you can end those hopes now. Tony Vinciquerra, Sony Pictures Entertainment Chairman, sat down for an interview with Variety which hinted as to the studio’s upcoming plans for what’s likely their most popular asset in the Spider-Man brand.

It’s clear within Vinciquerra’s interview that Sony is betting big on all things Spider-Man. A bet that is justified with Spider-Man: Far From Home earning $880 million in 2017. Followed up by Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse earning a cool $367 million on a $90 million budget and then winning itself the Oscar for Best Animated Feature last month.

Even Spider-Man’s “bad” films are raking in cash. Last year’s Tom Hardy led Venom brought in a staggering $855 million for Sony. A number that essentially guarantees a sequel, even though the film stands at a horrendous 35 average on Metacritic. But hey, at least we’ll finally get to see Carnage in live-action.

But outside of the aforementioned, there are apparently tons of other Spider-Man projects in the works at Sony. Sony Pictures’ Chairman confirms that “We have the next seven or eight years laid out as to what we’re going to do with that asset, and that will not only be on the film side — it’ll be on the TV side.” And Vinciquerra goes on to confirm their TV commitment, saying “Our television group will have its own set of characters from within that universe that we will seek to develop.”

Variety notes that there are “more than 900 Spider-Man-adjacent characters” of which Sony can play with in their entertainment sandbox. Mike Hopkins, Sony Pictures Television Chairman, confirmed that they’re readying to do just that. He teases “We’re developing a lot of Marvel-related content, and I think we’ll be out in the market very soon with something really, really big and transformational for us”.

Hopkins also notes that the television team may take a page from Netflix’s playbook and intertwine several shows in a serialized fashion. He says, “I think we aspire to have several shows in a universe that we create that can pollinate between each other, and to working with a partner to make that happen.”

What exactly any of these project will focus on over the next seven to eight years we’ll just have to wait an see. There’s been several rumors in the past of various spin-offs, and recently we heard of progress on a Morbius movie. A continuation of both Tom Holland’s MCU films and perhaps even sequels to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse are no brainers. As is another Venom iteration as we previously noted. But what’s officially planned for Sony’s docket will just have to be revealed in due time.

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