SOS Battle Royale Has Arrived

This morning it was a MOBA getting the battle royale treatment. This afternoon, it’s a survival game – or at least what used to be a survival game. Outpost Games has announced that their Early Access title SOS has shifted focus. The title is now officially SOS Battle Royale.

The developers joke in universe about the transition today within their official blog:

“You thought you were signing up for a reality TV show, but the network has decided it would be much more entertaining for their audience to watch you fight to the death instead. You already signed the contract, so you really don’t have much choice. If you want to live, you’ll have to be the last one standing.”

SOS was originally intended to be developed as a game in the survival genre. But with the industry shifting so heavily toward battle royale games, Outpost Games decided to play follow the leader.

With SOS’s Content Drop 3, SOS becomes SOS Battle Royale. The devs promise “rapid, high-intensity 10 minute battles.” 32 players will enter the map, and in true battle royale fashion, there’s only 1 survivor.

Weapons range from melee items such as hatches to your standard array of guns. There’s the MTs-255 single shot barreled shotgun. The Vector and MP7automatic SMGs. And the HK53 automatic rifle.

It will be interesting to see whether SOS Battle Royale can stand out within the now very crowded battle royale genre. Judging by some of the comments posted to the game’s Steam page, some of the title’s original fans are not enthusiastic about the switch. And it doesn’t look like players will have the option to go back and play the game as originally envisioned. Many signed up to SOS to get the game’s unique take on survival. The switch over to battle royale blindsided some long term fans to the point of frustration, even though the plan was announced some time ago.

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