‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ Hate: The Rage is Strong With This One

There seems to be a ton of negativity already surrounding Star Wars: Battlefront, with the gaming community really slamming just about every news announcement EA has thrown at them. EA says, “Battlefront will have 20 vs 20 battles,” and we respond, “but it should be 32 vs 32.” EA then says, “Battlefront won’t have a campaign,” and to that, we say, “No campaign…that’s ridiculous!” EA also recently noted, “There are no ironsights in Star Wars,” and to that, gamers are saying, “are you kidding me?”

The rage is strong with this one.

What irks me is that we’re still really early on in the Star Wars: Battlefront cycle — we just recently got our first Battlefront trailer in April. Let me note that Star Wars: Battlefront has only been in development for roughly 9 months, but the Star Wars: Battlefront hate movement seems to have a lot of followers. It’s too early to rage, is it not? It’s too early to judge whether or not Star Wars: Battlefront is going to be a good game. Let’s wait until we’ve seen some gameplay footage before we throw tomatoes at EA, at least.

For some reason, gamers have a tendency to judge a game before it even hits the shelf. Game X is announced. “OH, GAME X IS GOING TO BE A HULKING PIECE OF SHIT!” Are there some games we should be skeptical of because of a developer’s history? Sure — I’m not saying that we shouldn’t have our doubts. But when our doubts turn into saying things like, “Oh, I’m never going to buy that game and anyone who does is an idiot,” it becomes absolute insanity. Writing a game off completely before we’ve even seen gameplay is ludicrous.

Look at Demon Souls when it was shown at TGS. Remember that? It looked like a miserable experience. Animations were out of sync with the characters, the game looked drab, and we all wrote it off immediately. What happened? Demon Souls turned out to be one of the best games of the generation. What about Super Mario 3D World? That reveal wasn’t so well-received either, and it turned out to be the best Mario game yet. Halo, believe it or not, wasn’t well-received at all when it was first demoed at E3. Now, anything Halo-related is the main reason why people buy an Xbox.

star wars battlefront hate

Probably the best example of this type of pre-judgment is Saints Row IV, though. I was guilty, too, of writing the game off after seeing its debut trailer. It looked absolutely awful. As it turned out, though, Saints Row IV turned out to be a ridiculously enjoyable game that felt like Crackdown meets Grand Theft Auto.

It’s true that over the years we develop a sense of which developers and publishers we can trust to release great games and which ones we wouldn’t even give a stick of gum to. Ubisoft? Sorry, I’m not buying anything else from them because of the false promises of Watch_dogs and the miserably botched Assassin’s Creed: Unity. EA? They’re quickly turning themselves back into the most hated video game company in America (if it weren’t for Ubisoft, that is).

I think the reason that so many people are raging out over Star Wars: Battlefront already is that they see Star Wars as their baby. In their minds, nothing will ever be good enough for their baby. No Star Wars game will ever be a 10 out of 10; there simply could never be a flawless Star Wars: Battlefront. I think that’s the biggest problem facing EA. Because, hell, for all we know, Battlefront could turn out to be a badass game. Just because it won’t have massive Battlefield style battles and there’s no campaign shouldn’t mean it’s going to be a major fail of a game.

I’m also not saying that we should go blindly into the light and throw our money at EA just yet, either. There’s no point in giving EA a down payment right now for a game that we haven’t seen in action. The point is that we shouldn’t write-off a game based solely on its first trailer and information we receive early on in its development. Instead, take in ALL of the facts, wait until we’ve seen some gameplay, and then you will have enough information to properly judge the game.

Keep in mind Star Wars: Battlefront isn’t scheduled to be released until November 17, 2015, so there is still quite a bit of time for EA and DICE to change our minds. We don’t know that Star Wars: Battlefront will be the worst game we’ve ever played. Yet.

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