Starbase Trailer Debuts an Exciting New MMO World

The Finnish development team over at Frozenbyte is gearing up to launch a new MMO that looks ambitions as hell. The studio dropped their first Starbase trailer today, showcasing a robotic world that lets you play alongside friends as you build, explore, gather, craft, trade and fight across a vast fully destructible world.

In the Starbase trailer above, you get to see two robotic factions in the Kingdom Fortress and the Empire Base. But before we see them battle, we see them build. The MMO boasts some impressive depth, with the trailer itself doing a great job of showing off exactly how much you can do with its world.

Instead of attempting to surmise everything we get to see within the Starbase trailer (and it’s a lot), I’ll let the creators over at Frozenbyte handle the breakdown themselves. On the Steam store, they state that “Starbase is a massively multiplayer online game with gameplay focused on building and designing spaceships and stations, exploration, resource gathering, crafting, trading, and combat. Alternatively the game features a sandbox mode where players can explore the game alone or with selected friends in their own universe.”

Frozenbyte continues with the game’s description, teasing, “Set in a universe of huge scale and detail, the fully-destructible environment and the hybrid of voxel and vertex-based game mechanics enable simulations in the game at immense depth. The scale and depth of the simulation in all aspects of the game gives you the ultimate freedom to use your innovativeness and creativity – the building blocks of success in Starbase. From constructing single spaceships with durable outer platings to creating massive automated factories and designing electricity and data networks, you are free to do it your way.”

Frozenbyte plans to release Starbase onto Early Access later this year. From there, the team expects that they’ll need an additional year or two before launching the game in complete form. But when the title launches, it will pretty much be feature complete. The final build will then boast “more of everything, ships, guns, tools, planets, and a more optimized experience.”

A more comprehensive road map for the project will be published further down the line. But just seeing what we’ve seen in this first Starbase trailer, it’s certainly a game worth getting excited about.