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In this difficult life as a farmer, it’s always nice to have a few extra sets of hands around. And with Stardew Valley having its multiplayer beta go live today, that time is now.Stardew Valley has rolled out its 1.3 update, and with it, the beta of the game's anticipated multiplayer mode.

Log into your Steam account

  • In your Games Library, right click on Stardew Valley
  • Select Properties → Betas (see:
  • Enter the Beta access code “jumpingjunimos” and press Check Code
  • After this, select the beta branch option on the Beta selection drop down list above
  • If you have any problems with gaining access or experience any bugs, email us at [email protected]


The title’s 1.3 update has arrived for those playing on PC. And with it comes everyone’s first crack at Stardew Valley’s multiplayer. Getting into the public beta seems pretty straightforward. Chucklefish, the game’s creator, broke it down step by step earlier today:

The multiplayer mode allows for up to four players to work together on a new farm or within the farm of the party’s host. Each player will be assigned their own cabin and will work together to complete various tasks pertaining to fishing, farming, mining and fighting.

Chucklefish says that the mode will feature scalable difficulty. So the better your team functions the more loot you’re likely to come away with each day. The developers are also implementing a chat box and 200 custom Stardew Valley emojis to ensure that communication between team mates is never an issue.

Tom Coxon is the man that’s been working to get the multiplayer mode out the door over “the last two years.” He dropped the news on Twitter shortly ago:

Should you get along really well with one of your new farm hands, you can “craft a wedding ring to propose to a fellow Player.” Or, should you find your new neighbors to be a hindrance to your farming lifestyle, you can evict them by destroying their cabin and leave them homeless.

Chucklefish notes that you should backup your save files before giving the Stardew Valley multiplayer beta a go. He also states that all mods should be removed before launching the beta. But he confirms that “full compatibility is in the works.”

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