Stardew Valley Multiplayer Update Nearing Completion

ConcernedApe, creator of Stardew Valley, gave an update to fans today regarding the game’s incoming multiplayer mode. And it sounds as though everything is going well and remains on schedule.The creator of Stardew Valley has provided an update as the game's forthcoming multiplayer mode.

Ape, real name Eric Barone, stated that the multiplayer portion of the game is feature complete at this point. Barone has sent off all of the game’s text to be localized into various languages across the globe. And while he awaits the text’s return, he’ll begin bug testing for the new mode.

Barone said that once the text returns, he and his net coder Tom Coxon will begin “a serious QA phase”. They’ll thoroughly test all of new features within Stardew Valley in both single and multiplayer modes. Once that work is complete, it should be time for a public beta.

The plan all along has been for Stardew Valley to roll out a multiplayer beta around spring time. Barone says that they are still on schedule to meet that goal. He also said that as the beta gets closer to launch, he’ll divulge more specifics as to how the game’s multiplayer portion will function. As well as “a more complete list” of the other new features the 1.3 update will feature.

Stardew Valley initially launch on PC in early 2016. It then hit PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in December of that same year. It raked in numerous awards and nominations that season.

The game was later ported over to the Nintendo Switch in October. In just over two months, it ended up becoming the single most downloaded game on the system for the year.

It’s exciting to hear that we’re nearing the final stretch for this long gestating update. We’ve been hearing about Barone’s plans to bring multiplayer into the game for a while now, and in just a few more months, we’ll finally have a sense as to what that will actually look like in action.