Super Mario Odyssey Luigi’s Balloon World Now Available

We’ve known that Super Mario Odyssey would be implementing a new mode since the Nintendo Direct that took place back on January 11th. But since then, Nintendo has been mum as to when it would be releasing. Well, as of this morning, that silence was broken.

And when I say that silence was broken, Nintendo just went ahead and released the damn thing without any significant fanfare. The Super Mario Odyssey new mode, Luigi’s Balloon World, is available now.

Luigi’s Balloon World is part of a free update and is essentially an asynchronous multiplayer mode. Upon completing the main game of Super Mario Odyssey, players can then go seek out Luigi to hop into the new offering.

The competitive mode has you hiding balloons across the various kingdom’s within the game. Once placed, other players race against the clock to see who can find the hidden balloons first. And, of course, you’re asked to do the same with their balloons.

In addition to Luigi’s Balloon World, three new sets of attire are available for purchase within the game. They include the Musician’s Hat and Outfit, Sunshine Shades and Outfit, and the Knight Helmet and Armor.

Nintendo has also built two fresh Snapshot Mode filters into the update. These are dubbed the Coin filter and the Neon filter. Both look pretty cool!

It’s unclear whether this marks the end of Nintendo’s support for Super Mario Odyssey, but that seems unlikely. The publisher has never made any comments stating post-game development has concluded.

By the end of 2017, Super Mario Odyssey had sold over nine million copies. And that was over the span of a mere two months. It would be baffling if Nintendo didn’t release premium DLC at some point. If Nintendo implemented a new kingdom or something else substantial into the game, you would imagine fans would happily throw money at the company. I know I would.