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Nintendo revealed this morning that their Switch 6.0 system update would be rolling out to consoles next week on Tuesday, September 18th. If that date sounds familiar, it should.

With yesterday’s confirmation that our next Nintendo Direct would be airing on September 13th (tonight!), Nintendo also announced that their Nintendo Switch Online subscription service would be launching on September 18th. And with a change as radical as an entirely new online system, the Nintendo Switch 6.0 system update coming at the same time is expected.

What exactly is coming within the Nintendo Switch 6.0 system update wasn’t divulged. Obviously it would incorporate the behind the scenes modifications to launch Nintendo Switch Online. And the update will likely handle the changes needed to get Nintendo’s cloud save system active.

Nintendo also confirmed that the Nintendo eShop would be undergoing maintenance for roughly 3 hours on the 18th. This is purely speculation, but that could have something to do with the free games that will be featured under the Nintendo Switch Online umbrella. It’s also possible that the purchasing of your Nintendo Switch Online account could be handled through the eShop, so changes would be needed for that. Nintendo will be offering a free 7 day trial period of their new online service once all of the said changes are implemented.

This evening’s Nintendo Direct should shed light on all of our lingering questions. Not only is Nintendo planning to give us the scoop on upcoming 3DS and Nintendo Switch titles, but we’ll get concrete details on Nintendo Switch Online too.

We know a 1 month membership will run $3.99, 3 months $7.99 and 12 months $19.99. We also know that membership includes 20 NES games, some with added online functionality. Cloud saves will also be an exclusive feature for those with a Nintendo Switch Online membership. Hopefully Nintendo has a few more surprises in regards to their new service and we hear all about them tonight.

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