Amazon’s Echo Show Is The Improved Personal Assistant

The Amazon Echo Show was revealed today for $230 USD and with all the fancy features of voice assistant Alexa and more. Much like the iPod device in the film Her, Echo Show can now “show you things,” hands free with the 7-inch touchscreen with an undefined resolution. Which probably means the screen is about as good as those portable DVD players your grandmother has. You know, the last time you actually saw the lines of pixels.Amazon's Echo Show Is The Improved Personal Assistant

The “things” it can show you are photos, YouTube videos, weather forecasts, music lyrics, to-do lists, and security cameras (for the truly affluent), and chat with other Echo users. The Echo Show also has a cute little 2-inch Dolby stereo and 5MP camera that speaks to the poor screen resolution.

Though if the speakers are cute, the eight microphones the Echo Show is connected to uses “beam-forming technology” and “noise cancellation” to hear you no matter where in the house you are, even if music is playing. So be careful not to accidentally wish yourself the biggest and best Barbie doll house in the world.

As per usual with most Echo devices, you can also use it to control various features of your home, like the thermostat, lights, and other compatible smart home devices such as WeMo, Philips Hue, and ecobee.

You can pre-order this futuristic tech now and it will ship June 28.


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