LucidSound Unveils Official Xbox Scorpio Headset

Still to be revealed at E3 2017, it seems the Xbox Scorpio is getting some accessories in advance. LucidSound has recently announced that they have an officially licensed headset for the console. This LS35X series is completely wireless and connects with the Scorpio directly, just like the controllers do. This headset will be a part of the Play Anywhere family, and thus will connect to the Xbox One and PC as well.LucidSound Unveils Official Xbox Scorpio Headset

Coming this holiday season, the LS35X features 50mm neodymium driver, accurate 3D surround sound, head tracking technology, and LucidSound’s trademark “ear-cup control system.”

The latter gives the user access to the common controls like volume and mute, right on the outside of the headphone cups. A clever and convenient design for any audiophile; successfully removing the need to let your entire online party know that mom is making lasagna for dinner.

CEO of LucidSound Chris Von Huben praises the new headset as designed for a new generation of Xbox players who want the best of the best wireless capabilities available. Apparently gamers will be “blown away” by this Scorpio set and the extreme high quality it possesses. Van Huben adds that more information will come at E3 and there will likely be an unveiling of even more exciting products in June.

It’s not terribly odd that an accessory is announced before the console itself, but I’d certainly like to know the price tag. On top of the console itself, it might be a little much to add a pair of high-quality headphones to the bill. Do you think this headset would be worth buying with the Scorpio? Let us know the comments below!



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