How to Create and Share Torrents

Torrenting is a practical technology, which allows us to access the needed content for business, education, or entertainment in a matter of minutes. The technology itself is entirely legal, while the material, which is shared on torrenting websites/clients can be in violation of copyright laws. That is why it is essential to know which torrent client is better to use to stay safe.

What should we take into consideration while choosing torrenting clients?

Users want torrent clients to be fast and easy to use. For example, if you choose a portable torrent client, you will get access to a whole host of advanced features. There are many other clients which are easier to use and fit the beginners. Of course, a good torrent client has to be free of adware, malware, adware, and annoying add-ons, which slow down your computer performance.

When we look at popular torrenting websites, they are riskier. You must understand that orienting sites, which have a lot of copyrighted material, will need to make money somehow. That is why they use an advertisement, or less-pleasant things like pop ups,  clickjacking, etc.

Therefore, when you choose a torrenting site, make sure it has a clean user interface that provides torrent files/ magnet links and as fewer ads as possible. 

How To Share files with UTorrent

Most of us use torrent clients to download different kinds of content from the internet. However, you should not forget that torrent clients can be used for creating new torrents and sharing with the community. Below, you will find detailed guidance on how to share a torrent files or your entire directory through uTorrent.

How To Create Torrent Files Using UTorrent

A torrent file is a directory you want to share with other people who use uTorrent. Start with launching your uTorrent program and press File > Create New Torrent: 

torrent menu

Now you can see the “Create New Torrent” window. Below, you will get the list of the main options, which are available to you:

  • “Add file” – You can make a torrent file out of a single file. It is allowed to choose a media file/document/archive file/ disc image. 
  • “Add directory” – It is possible to make a new torrent file out of your directory, which means that your torrent file will include several subfolders/files. 
  • “Skip files” – Using this option, you can exclude specific files/folders from your torrent file. 
  • “Start seeding” – Once you have created your new torrent file, you can share it by ticking this checkbox. 
  • “Private torrent” – This is the option to make private torrent files and share with a limited number of people. It will require private trackers.
  • “Preserve file order” – Choose this option if you want to make a torrent file with files/folders, which are well-organized by names in ascending order. 
  • “Create Encrypted” – You can encrypt your new torrent file. 
  • “Trackers” – You can create an entry for the OpenBitTorrent tracker automatically. There is no need to edit this setting every time when you want to share torrent files publicly. Make sure that you use content that is copyright free. 
  • “Web Seeds” – You can mention all the sources for the torrent file you share with people. 
  • “Piece Size” – It is recommended to stay on the “Auto-detect” mode. 

Now you know all the options. So you can set up your torrent file as you need and then press the “Create” button. Do not forget to include the name for your torrent file. The file should end with the .torrent extension. In order to finalize your created torrent file, press on “OK” button.

The “Create New Torrent” window can be closed now. You must head to the “Torrents” > “Seeding” section to check the status of your newly added torrent file: 


Nowadays, peer-to-peer technology keeps on expanding. Modern business models continue to revolutionize in terms of how people share data. Decentralized internet is our future. That is why we must understand the main concepts of torrent file sharing. It is essential not only to consume but also to contribute to the cause. If we want the system to exist and become better, we all must contribute to and support the freedom of the internet.

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