Thync: A Mood-Changing Wearable Unlike Anything Else

ThyncOnce in awhile, a product unlike anything else we’ve ever seen hits the marketplace. Usually, we find such tech on Kickstarter or IndieGoGo, but today’s find comes from the new Amazon Launchpad, which was just announced this week as a solution for startups to sell their innovative products. So, let us introduce Thync, a neurosignaling wearable that is worn on your head to give you the power to change the way you feel. Yeah, add this to our list of cool new gadgets we need in our life.

Thync uses waveforms that signal your brain to deliver Calm or Energy “Vibes” on demand. Vibes help you de-stress, overcome anxious moments or invigorate yourself for “peak performance.” The unique wearable is intended to take the edge off, help you combat stress, sleep better, boost your workout, kick start your day or get you motivated. According to its designers, Thync is worn for just a few minutes, but the effects last for hours.

But how does it feel? Is it zapping your brain, frying your insides and scrambling them all about? No — or at least, not according to its makers. Thync waveforms activate specific nerves on the head that signal the brain to shift to a state of calm or boost (depending on which vibe you choose to go after). There are two main Vibes (Calm or Energy), each of which have SubVibes for even more control over your mood.

Thync is available for pre-order now through Amazon Launchpad for $299, and the package will include the Thync module, 10 calm strips (2 packs of 5), 10 energy strips (2 packs of 5), and directions to download the Thync App. Unfortunately, the app which controls Thync is only available to those with an iOS 8.0+ device, although Android development is currently underway. Thync is expected to be released on August 4, 2015.

Buy Thync here.

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