MegaBots Kickstarter: Help Them Beat Japan’s Kuratas

megabots kickstarterIt quickly became a battle between USA vs. Japan. No, we’re not going to war, but we’re all highly anticipating the Kuratas vs. MegaBots robot battle. Now that Japan has accepting Team USA’s challenge, it’s time for MegaBots to upgrade their machinery to make it one badass mechwarrior.

MegaBots has taken to Kickstarter to help fund all of their planned upgrades for their Mk.II robot before sending it into battle. And, we have to say, now we’re even more excited to see this robot battle. All of the planned upgrades will take Mk.II from cool-looking to holy-shit-do-you-see-that-‘Merica-bot? That’s what it’s all about — the spectacle!

MegaBots has recruited a handful of experts to step in and make their bot better. The company plans to add heavy duty armor plating, add firepower, upgrade their hydraulics, increase their speed, and increase the power that keeps the Mk.II running. With just those upgrades, the team is looking at $500,000 in upgrades. With $750,000, they’ll be able to design and build an array of melee weapons and ranged weapons to help them beat Kuratas. But they don’t want to stop there, as they intend to add even more. With $1,500,000, MegaBots can make the cockpit safer, create an incredibly sweet paint job that screams go America fit for Hollywood, and help them keep their balance using a dynamic balancing algorithm from IHMC Robotics, the top-placing U.S. team in the DARPA Humanoid Robotics Challenge. Just look at the concept art for this resdesigned beast — it looks like Captain AmericaBot!

So don’t be unAmerican, and head over to the MegaBots Kickstarter campaign to help MegaBots fund our their dream fight by pledging $50, which will get you a sweet MegaBots Crew Shirt. And, stay tuned to Nerd Much for the latest on the Kuratas vs. MegaBots battle.

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