Skreens: Stream ALL of Your Content From Multiple Devices

SkreensIf you’re like us, you probably have your tablet in your hand while you’re Netflix marathoning (coined 2015 Nerd Much), browsing your feeds, messing around with your apps, and using your social media accounts to say something witty about whatever you’re watching. You likely have your phone right next to you, too. But what if it was all thrown up onto the same screen at once so you didn’t have to keep switching back and forth between them all, but could have them all right in front of you simultaneously?

Introducing Skreens, an exciting new technology that allows you to experience all of your entertainment on one screen simultaneously. It works with any HDMI device, and allows you to customize the placement and size of your content all on one screen. Want to focus on your work while streaming the game in a smaller box? You can do that. Want to play your PS4 while you watch someone on Twitch and have a web browser up at the same time? You can do that too. Skreens allows you to make each box as big or as little as you want using an app on your phone or tablet. What’s more, users will have saved personal settings within the app’s interface to allow them to do the same thing they were doing yesterday all with one tap.

Skreens is available on Kickstarter to early backers, with units starting at $179 for early birders for the basic NexusTwo (two HDMI ports), and $325 for the NexusFour (four HDMI ports).

Thanks to Gadgetify for the find.

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