Fizzics Beer System: A Better Way to Drink for Beer Geeks

fizzics beer machine

When it comes to consuming our beer, we’re very selective. We’ll be the first to admit that we’re beer geeks who might align closer with the “snob” terminology. But that means we’re always following the latest in beer gadgets and technology, which is why we think you’ll be interested in the Fizzics Beer System.

Getting the perfect pour from bottled beer is truly an art form. Poor it too quickly, you’ll get too much head; too slowly, you’ll lose some carbonation. But the Fizzics system provides fresh, draft taste from any of your store-bought beer, fitting most cans and bottles (even 64oz growlers) into its shell to provide the best head you’ve ever had. (From beer. Calm down, everyone). To achieve this, you simply put your beer can/bottle/growler inside of the shell, stick the hose inside, close the lid, and then hit the tap on the top to pour. It’s powered by 4 AA batteries.

Price: $169.99

Buy it here.

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