Lenovo Smart Assistant Announced: Meet Lenovo’s Version of Alexa

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Lenovo has also thrown their name into the smart speaker market, as the company unveiled the new Lenovo Smart Assistant this morning.lenovo smart assistant

It’s a tall, tubular speaker in the style of the Amazon Echo, and it’ll include the Amazon Alexa assistant. Lenovo boasts that the Smart Assistant will work virtually the same as an Amazon Echo, but with a few notable differences. First, the device will offer more color options (like the Google Home, for instance) including a green, gray, or orange fabric. The microphone on the Smart Assistant also protrudes out of the top of the speaker, unlike the Echo which has its microphone inside its core. It’s intentional, too, as Lenovo notes that it’ll help with ventilation to keep the intel Atom processor that powers it cool.

What’s more, the Lenovo Smart Assistant will add an additional microphone on the Echo’s design, having eight far-field microphones for better pickup and voice recognition.

lenovo smart assistant speaker

On top of its base model, the company is offering a Harmon Kardon edition of their new speaker assistant, which will provide more of a premium sound (yes, for a premium price).

The Lenovo Smart Assistant speakers will ship in May later this year, with the base version hitting a sweet $130 price point (which is the same price as the Google Home and $50 less than the Amazon Echo). The premium Harom Kardon version will run $180.

[via The Verge]

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