Cool StuffBlink Wireless Video Doorbell Will Be Just $99

Blink Wireless Video Doorbell Will Be Just $99

With smart home devices becoming more and more prevalent, it’s a race to see who can deliver a quality product at the cheapest price point. And with the Blink Video Doorbell, the home security provider may have done just that.

The Blink Wireless Video Doorbell is versatile as hell. Requiring only batteries and a wireless connection, you can essentially place the device in the proximity of whatever location you desire. However, being that this Blink model is, well, a doorbell, that will likely be at your front door.

Blink promises a quick and easy install of the device. It runs off of 2 AA batteries that the company states will last you at least two years. However, you can also hard wire it if you so desire. In which case you can use it in conjunction with your current old school doorbell as well. It also comes IP-65 rated, ensuring it will stand up to whatever weather situations may present themselves.

Live HD Video is standard for the Blink Video Doorbell. It also allows for 2-way audio to chat through the device. It’s motion activated, so should someone show up to your home you’ll get an alert on your synced smart device. You can then access your Blink Wireless Video Doorbell and have an HD video chat with whomever is standing on your door mat while you’re away.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about the Blink Wireless Video Doorbell is its quite reasonable price. Blink is listing the device at $99, and they promise free cloud storage for the device without misleading monthly contracts or fees.

Blink is finding success in the smart home industry by targeting consumers with a simplistic approach at a reasonable price. CEO of Blink, Peter Besen, said that “While other companies try to wow early-adopters with tech and unnecessary features, at Blink we are disrupting the smart home industry through a zealous focus on simple products that provide huge value at an unmatchable price. We’ve taken our award-winning experience from our security cameras and applied it to the doorbell. We feel this has resulted in the absolute easiest to install, full-featured video doorbell on the market today. Combined with our existing wire-free cameras, consumers will have peace of mind that their entire home is safe when they are away.”

Another bit of Blink news is the announcement of their recent acquisition by Amazon. With Besen touting Blink as “huge value at an unmatchable price”, combining that with the world’s largest online retailer could prove to be a formidable force for the smart home market. We’ll see how it all looks once the product is officially unveiled at CES in January.

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