TERK Platinum Ultra Pro Omni HDTV Antenna Review

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Design, at least from an aesthetics standpoint, typically isn’t at the forefront of the tech world’s mind when creating new, innovative products; most of the focus is typically on getting the product to be as functional as possible. In the TV antenna market, there are so many different types of products and varieties that it makes it even more surprising that the majority of them look the same.

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Enter TERK, a brand that takes physical product design into greater consideration than its competitors while still not sacrificing product quality. The company has many different products available, but the best-looking of the bunch is the TERK Platinum Ultra Pro Omni HDTV antenna.

This amplified multi-directional antenna is incredibly stylish, and it feels almost like an art conversation piece with its unique look. It has a cone-like shape and it’s just under a foot tall (10.83″ to be exact). It’s all-black with a blue LED light ring at the bottom, and it has a modern/almost-futuristic aesthetic to it — like something you’d see in a near-future-set sci-fi film.

As far as functionality is concerned, the Terk Omni offers a unique full 360-degree design that allows for better performance. In our testing, we had no issues receiving any of the free OTA HDTV channels available in our area. What’s more, we noticed a significant boost in signal strength in comparison to our Mohu Leaf 50. In fact, where our Mohu will occasionally scramble the local CBS HDTV broadcast, the Terk Omni didn’t have that issue at all. Oddly enough, TERK doesn’t supply an actual reception-range rating for the antenna, but in our tests, it received everything our Mohu 50 did without any issue. We were able to receive NBC, FOX, The CW, CBS, and ABC HD channels in crystal clear reception.

Our initial scan picked up 14 channels without amplification, but 21 with amplification via the device’s DualBoost. While it might not sound like much to some of you with your own antennas already, I should note that our office is just over 50 miles away from Albany, NY (where many of the local TV stations are located), and the average broadcast tower is 35 miles away from our location. I’ll also note that it simply rejects weaker signals so that they won’t show up in your channel list when flipping through. In our test, it only rejected one channel (a channel which our Mohu Leaf also didn’t play nice with).

What’s almost commendable about the TERK Platinum Ultra Pro is its low price point; its MSRP is $59.99. While slightly more powerful than my Mohu Leaf 50, it remains at the same price.

You don’t have to stick it on your wall or behind a painting or anything like that. Instead, you can set it right on your entertainment center next to your TV, and you won’t have to be embarrassed about what it looks like because, well, it looks great. It’s clear that TERK’s focus was the device’s design — a sleek, modern cone-shaped device that looks great with the rest of your entertainment devices — and when you pair that with its strong signal and comparable price point, it’s a great option for those looking to receive OTA HDTV. To learn more, you can check out the official TERK website.

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