Tile Mate Deal: 8-Pack (+ FREE Google Nest Mini) – $129.99


Price: $129.99 + Free Google Nest Mini

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The things you love, use, and care about the most are also the things that are easiest to misplace. Tile Mate is here to help.

Tile Mate’s convenient key ring hole makes it simple to attach to your keys or pet’s collar. You can also easily toss one in your wallet, purse, or backpack. Or, put a key ring on your favorite water bottle and hook Tile Mate on it. The 1.3-inch square is the perfect size for versatility.

Your time is valuable—stop wasting it searching for your items on your way out the door for work, school, or practice. Just tap “Find” in the Tile Mate app and your item will ring loudly, alerting you to its location. Tile Mate works over Bluetooth and now has an increased range of 200 feet. If you’re away from home or the office and lose an item, you can open the app, see the last location your item was in range, and get directions back to it. It’s that simple!

Worried about what happens if you misplace your phone? Tile Mate still has you covered. Double press the button on your Tile and your phone will ring, even if it’s on silent.

Tile also leverages the power of the community to help find your things. If you don’t realize that you left your purse behind until after you’re out of the 200-foot range, Tile can use the network created by other Tile users to help locate your item.

The Tile app, with all the features described above, is always free to use and supported on most Android and iOS devices. For even more finding power, you can upgrade to Tile Premium. This subscription service gives you access to proactive smart alerts; if you have Tile Mate attached to your wallet and accidentally leave it behind, you’ll get a notification on your phone alerting you of your forgotten wallet.

Along with the peace of mind you get from always knowing where your favorite items are, you can also relax knowing your Tile Mate’s replaceable battery will last for one year. Tile Mate is also water-resistant.

Integrating Tile Mate into your daily life is even easier with Google Nest Mini. Google Nest Mini is voice-activated, so you can just say, “Hey Google, ring my backpack.” If you order an 8-pack of Tile Mate ($129.99), you’ll receive a free Google Nest Mini, and everything ships for free within the US. Take advantage of this special offer by December 31, 2019.

Mate 8 + FREE Google Nest Mini only $129.99 ($200 value) at Tile!!

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