Air Warriors Ultra-Tek Sniper

air warriors ultra-tek sniperIt’s no secret that we love all things NERF here at Nerd Much, but with NERF basically owning the toy gun market, sometimes other great blasters get overlooked. But we came across the Air Warriors Ultra-Tek Snipe by Buzz Bee Toys, and it’s an absolute must-buy. It’s a bolt-action dart blaster that shoots darts up to 72 feet away.

It’s quite a sizable gun, too, measuring over three feet long, and it has a great look to it. It’s made out of hard plastic, and it feels like there’s something to it when you’re holding it. The bolt action shooting works flawlessly, and after numerous hours of testing, it never locked up. The foam darts that come with it are easily loaded, and you’ll have a full clip ready to go within a minute. It’s one of the bigger blasters we’ve seen, it shoots a great distance, and it’s not cheaply made. Triple whammy! Now, if only the scope were more than just a prop…

Price: $26.29

Buy the Air Warriors Ultra-Tek Sniper here.

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