Nerf Nuke

nerf nuke

If you’re currently deep in the trenches of a seemingly never-ending NERF war, it might be time to think of a new tactic. We suggest a nuke. Not a real nuke, though, but a Nerf Nuke.

This is the pinnacle of NERF weaponry, and it’ll surely defeat your foes by dealing a devastating, unavoidable blow. It’s loaded with 80 NERF darts (included) that will launch up to 30 feet when it hits. There’s also an included 5-ft tripod-mounted high-powered launcher. Or, you can choose to just throw it like a mega-sized grenade.

The nuke, itself, is coated in NERF foam as well, so it shouldn’t hurt too much when launched or thrown. But we recommend goggles, kneepads, a helmet and probably a titanium alloy shield to save yourself from the blast. We’re also not sure whether or not it’d be allowed in an airport. Hmm…nerf nuke

Price: $99.99

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