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history of toysToys have evolved. Yes, that’s obvious, but where did they evolve from? Looking at today’s newest toys, the trend seems to be to stick a small microchip in them, let them talk to your children, and that’s how kids play nowadays. But years ago, it was more about imagination — what could YOU make your toys do? So, let’s take a minute to celebrate great vintage toys with the Vintage Toys book by Alessandra Sardo.

This glorious coffee table book is filled with your childhood memories, including board games, toys, robots, action figures and more. Each page contains brilliant photographs of classic toys with insightful text, making it the ultimate zeitgeist for toys spanning from the earliest game to more recent classic toys. It’s filled with profiles of vintage wooden toys, space toys, and the like. They aren’t only toys from America, either, as it has classics from other countries like the Game & Watch from Japan, Memory from Germany, and the Smurfs (originally from Belgium). The book makes the perfect addition to your living room, and it’ll undoubtedly strike up many conversations. So, if you’re interested in the history of toys and games, check it out.

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