Giant Jenga Game

giant jenga gameWe’ve all gone through life being told bigger is better. The bigger slice of pizza, the bigger slice of a market pie, and the bigger pool are all things often sought in life. So, naturally, the Giant Jenga Game, which brings a bigger version of Jenga to our living room, is something we should all want to play.

The game can stack to up to four feet high, thanks to blocks that are over eight times the size of the original Jenga blocks. The Giant Jenga Game comes with 54 over-sized blocks that have been precision cut. In fact, it’s more like a board game than ever. (Get it? Because the pieces are more like boards?). The game comes with a sturdier than average box that will allow owners to transport the game with ease. It’s perfect for game nights and parties.

Price: $119.99

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