Cool StuffDeadpool Retro Action Figure Set (Limited Edition)

Deadpool Retro Action Figure Set (Limited Edition)

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deadpool retro action figureDeadpool’s brand of comedy is certainly unique, at least when it comes to comic books. And since the Merc With a Mouth wasn’t around to get his own action figure in the 1970s, Marvel has decided to give him the retro action figure he deserves, the Deadpool Limited Edition Retro Action Figure Set.

The set is designed to look like it’s straight out of the ’70s, complete with a retro-style window box and cheesy graphics. It’s an 8-inch action figure packed inside of a tray that comes with two variant outfits, one that looks like what we’d imagine a ’70s Deadpool suit might look like, and an unmasked white X-Force outfit. This limited edition Deadpool action figure is only limited to 3,000 total sets, and it’s set to release in February, just in time for the Deadpool movie. You can pre-order the set right now.

Price: $69.99

Pre-Order it here.

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