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21 Best Cool Minecraft Toys For Kids

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Exploring the world of Minecraft goes beyond the screen with these 20 cool Minecraft toys for kids, offering a tangible way to bring the excitement and creativity of the beloved sandbox video game into the real world. Since its release in 2011, Minecraft has become a cultural phenomenon, captivating millions of players globally with its unique blend of exploration, crafting, resource gathering, and combat. Its blocky, pixelated aesthetic and open-ended gameplay have not only made it one of the most commercially successful video games, selling over 100 million copies, but also a staple in the gaming community.

Its appeal transcends ages and borders, making it a beloved title among gamers worldwide. Whether you’re a seasoned player or someone who’s just discovered its charm, the chances are that Minecraft‘s imaginative world has drawn you in.

Beyond the digital realms of PC, console, and mobile gaming, Minecraft has transformed into a versatile brand, offering a range of tangible experiences through an array of cool toys and gifts. These fun Minecraft toys are gateways for kids to bring the pixelated universe of Minecraft into their everyday play and display their affection for the game.

From intricately designed action figures and buildable Lego sets to plush representations of their favorite in-game characters and items, these toys offer a tactile and imaginative way to engage with the game’s universe. They encourage not only play but also the development of creative thinking and problem-solving skills, mirroring the game’s own ethos. For fans of all ages, these 20 cool Minecraft toys and gifts are perfect for bringing a piece of the beloved game into the real world, blending the digital and physical realms of creativity and adventure.

Mooshroom Plush

There are tons of great Minecraft plush toys available. The mushroom island biome is a rare biome that typically appears at the edge of a player’s world in the middle of the ocean. Made up of Mycelium, these islands have a unique creature known as a Mooshroom, which is a cross between a cow and red mushrooms, in herds of four to eight. They provide beef, leather, mushroom stew and can be bred when fed wheat. But shearing them causes them to become normal cows. This 9-inch large mushroom cow plush is not made of beef but of polyester instead.

Creeper Plush

Creepers, known for their flashing animation and explosive nature, spawn in dark areas and will chase after players within a certain range. What actually began as a coding error became one of Minecraft‘s most annoying foes. The monster has also appeared in the Caustic Caverns of Borderlands 2 as well as Octodad as part of the parody Mintcraft and as Terraria as a Halloween costume. Fortunately, this 14-inch large creeper plush is not likely to explode as you approach, and it’s the most popular Minecraft foam toy on the market.

Anatomy of A Creeper Figure

While even the creators of Minecraft aren’t entirely sure how the Creeper explodes, one toy creator sure had some idea. This Creeper’s skeleton is actually built around TNT. TNT is built up of four parts sand and five parts gunpowder. The creeper has a detachable mandible and includes all terrain creeping appendages. It also has a spinal cord fuse that allows it to detonate in a second and a half.

Lego Minecraft The Village

If you’re really looking to all-out splurge on a Minecraft obsession look no further than Lego. In particular, this Minecraft village set includes Steve, Alex, a zombie, a zombie villager, a Creeper, an enderman, a pig, a baby pig, an iron golem, and two normal villagers. It’s a mix of rainforest, snow, and desert biomes. Buildings include a watchtower, library, blacksmith, butcher, and a marketplace. The set also has a crafting table, water bucket, emerald-ore-styled elements, two pumpkin heads, and a chest. Little details like transparent torches and water, as well as flowers, sugar cane, vines, and flowers really sell the environment.

Lego Minecraft The Fortress

If the village set seems unrealistically pricey don’t worry there are other sets well below the $100 threshold. This set includes Steve with golden armor, a horse with a hay bale, a sheep, and three skeletons with weapons. The fortress has pressure-plate activated doors, lookout towers, Creeper banners, a prison, barred windows, and water and farm areas. There is also a chest, a ladder, and torches. With plenty of ways to rearrange it, the possibilities are only limited by one’s imagination. It’s one of our favorite Minecraft toys for kids.

Lego Minecraft The Crafting Box

For Lego Minecraft below the $50 mark, the crafting box is a great idea. Like most sets it includes Steve. The crafting box comes with a skeleton with a bow and a mooshroom. Aside from that, it is full of random blocks that might include redstone and lapis lazuli elements, torches, plants, an oven, TNT, and wheat. It also has a periodic table of Minecraft elements poster as well as a building guide.

Lego Minecraft The Cave

For Lego Minecraft on a budget, The Cave LEGO Set is a lot of fun. Steve pops up once again with a zombie and a spider. There is also water, lava, coal, iron, gold, obsidian, a chest with bread, a pail, TNT, a torch, and a ladder. All of these sets can be mixed with one another or any Lego blocks to create an exciting world which can continually be moved around and rebuilt.

Foam Sword and Pickaxe

If you want to step into the shoes of your favorite Minecraft character, first you’re going to need a few tools — diamond tools to be precise. Extremely durable diamond tools last a while despite the wear and tear they get put through digging up gold and slashing through enemies. Unfortunately, diamond is also sharp and dangerous so foam works better when playing pretend. Honestly, most of us don’t have to chisel through stone to get silver armor anyway. These diamond tools are the most popular Minecraft foam toys for kids.

Light-Up Diamond Ore Block

We’ve all been there, sometimes it’s just hard to shut off the game and go to bed. Hopefully, this Light-Up Diamond Ore Block will help. Aside from keeping certain creatures away, light is generally soothing. What better way to fall asleep than dreaming of that last diamond you mined. The blue light from this cube can be set to low, medium or high and it can serve as a decoration, night light, or as a prop.

RC Flying Ghast

This lightweight quadcopter remote control flying Ghast, can fly up and down, forwards and backward, left and right in 360 degrees, bringing the terrifying creature from the Nether to life. Normally they fly around with their eyes and mouth closed, except when they are about to attack. Fortunately, this one is not capable of spitting fireballs across the room. This product does require AAA batteries and can be used both indoors and outdoors in the appropriate weather conditions.

Papercraft Shelter Set

If blocks, foam, lights, and quadcopters aren’t for you perhaps paper is. This papercraft kit includes patterns for Steve, a tamed wolf, a furnace, a wooden door, wood planks, bricks, glass blocks, and cobblestone. It’s 48 pieces of everything you need for a tiny shelter and it also includes stickers and Minecraft mortar paper tape. The blocks are two and a half inches tall and made of sturdy paper. Steve is about four and a half inches tall and the wolf is about two inches tall.

Papercraft Animal Set

Once you have a shelter built, it’s hard not to start a farm. With three pigs, three sheep, three cows, and three chickens the set certainly makes a great start. While these animals can’t breed, be used for leather, or turned into meat they can be used for fun. The set also comes with three ocelots, grassy blocks, and flower stickers. However, this set does not include tape but most tape works fine. 

Papercraft Hostile Mobs Set

Even with a shelter and farm players still have to worry about hostile mobs, perhaps even more so while mining. This hostile mob set comes with three slimes, two zombies, two Creepers, a spider, and a witch. It also includes blocks of gravel and stickers for gold armor and torches.

Papercraft Minecart Set

When players have explored a lot of the world or perhaps dug to great depths an easier method of transportation may be desired. While horses are an option another option is to start building rails for a minecart. With Steve in iron armor, redstone, TNT and iron Blocks, a piston, furnace, minecart, and minecart tracks this has just what you need for an adventuresome ride. This set also includes stickers and paper tape.

Blind Box Figure Bundle

For fun, small character figures check out Mattel’s blind figure boxes. The Series five which has twelve figures total including a bunny, an iron golem with a flower, a tamed wolf, an enderman, a zombie pigman, a donkey, a baby zombie riding a chicken, a Ghast, and a skeleton on fire. With them being unopened blind boxes this set of six may contain duplicates.

Hot Wheels Minecart

If you didn’t know Hotwheels are also manufactured by Mattel and they made tiny minecarts specifically with their blind box figures in mind so if you’ve taken a liking to collecting these delightful little figures and now need something to wheel them across the table with, do not fret for such a product exists. Not only can characters ride in them but now animals and monsters can too.

Craftable Figure Series

The craftable figure series is one of the more decorative things on this list. The full set includes the spider jockey, Alex and an enderman, the pig rider, a squid, Steve in diamond gear fighting the Enderdragon, Steve coming out of the Nether Portal, a Creeper being chased by an ocelot, a tamed wolf, Steve with a pickaxe, and Steve with gold armor taking on a Ghast.

Survival Pack Action Figure

For something less decorative and more meant for play check out this survival action figure pack. It comes with Steve, a crafting table, his bed, a chest, a pickaxe, and sword. These plastic figurines also are a good size to use in conjunction with the landscape blocks from the papercraft sets.

Minecraft Diamond Sword Keychain

Having big person problems and can’t find a weapon small enough to attack your monstrous mini-figures with? This tiny diamond sword keychain is just the right size for that. Get ready to take on spiders, Creepers, Ghasts, zombies, witches, slimes, Endermen, and whatever other unfortunate mobs happen to cross your path.

Minecraft Card Game

The Minecraft Card is made up of 25 Craft Cards, 24 Wood Cards, 11 Wild Cards, 9 Stone Cards, 8 Iron Cards, 7 Gold Cards, 6 Diamond Cards, 5 Creeper Cards, 5 TNT Cards and 4 Card Holders. Players mine resources and use them to craft for points, the first player to reach the games point goal wins but watch out for Creepers and TNT.

Funko Pop! Games – Minecraft Set Of 5

The highly popular Funko Pop! collectible vinyl figures have expanded to include almost every franchise you can think of, and Minecraft is no exception. This set of five contains a great mix for any collector; it includes Steve, Alex, an Ocelot, a Creeper, and a Skeleton. They will look great on any Minecraft lover’s shelf alongside all their other Funkos (although I would advise keeping the Creeper at a distance, as they tend to explode).

Each is the standard Funko Pop! size – the box is approximately  3.5 x 4.5 x 6.25 inches and the figures themselves stand about 3.75 inches tall. What a perfect gift to get your little gamer started on their very own Funko collection!

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