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ninja ghostbusters figures

TMNT: Ninja Ghostbusters Figures Are Incredible

IDW's TMNT/Ghostbusters mash-up works incredibly well in toy form. Check out these figures.

Tamagotchi is Back to Celebrate Their 20th Anniversary

Bandai America is hoping to bring one of its icons back for a new generation – or at least to prey on the nostalgia of...
bb-9e sphero

BB-9E Droid by Sphero

Despite being evil, the BB-9E Droid is just as cute as his cousin, BB-8. Check out the app-enabled BB-9E Droid by Sphero here.
simpsons zombie plush toys

The Simpsons Zombie Plush by Kidrobot

Kidrobot has debuted a new line of zombified Simpsons plush toys.

DC, Marvel, and Harry Potter Nano Metalfigs Coming Soon

If you're like us, your office is decked-out with all sorts of nerdy things. Right in front of me, we have some Funko Pops,...
Spider-Man Bear Available Now At Build-A-Bear

Spider-Man Bear Available Now At Build-A-Bear

In celebration of the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming film (due July 7 of this year), Build-A-Bear has officially made available the Spider-Man Bear and Spider-Man...
rogue one egg attack action figure

Star Wars Rogue One Chirrut Imwe & Baze Malbus Egg Attack Figure

We all love action figures, especially ones that move and come with a bunch of accessories. Well, I got some nice ones for you....
final fantasy merch

Best Final Fantasy Merch Available Now (2019)

Since the series first released in 1987, Final Fantasy has had much success, with new heroes taking on the great evils of their world....
Stranger Things Funko Pops

Official Stranger Things Funko Pops Coming 2017

Those initial Stranger Things Funko Pop concepts that we were blessed with in August are now a reality. Yesterday, Funko officially announced that the Netflix Original Stranger Things will...
merge vr review

Merge VR Review

It's not intended to be comparable to PSVR or VIVE, but the Merge VR successfully carves out its own niche. For those unaware of what exactly the...