Cool StuffTMNT: Ninja Ghostbusters Figures Are Incredible

TMNT: Ninja Ghostbusters Figures Are Incredible

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One of the better mash-ups we’ve seen in comic books over the past few years came from IDW’s take on what would happen if the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles met up with the ’80s Ghostbusters. Somehow, it just works, leading to not only incredible art and a fun story but also these incredible Ninja Ghostbusters Action Figures.

ninja ghostbusters figures

With the mash-up set to return again this November, Playmates Toys has introduced a new line of Ninja Ghostbusters toys that will be available exclusively at Target stores and later this month. The figures mash together one of the Ninja Turtles with one of the original Ghostbusters, including Michelangelo as Venkman, Donatello as Spengler, Raphael as Zeddemore (complete with a ridiculous mustache), and Leonardo as Stantz.

Each figure comes with a proton backpack, spectral blaster, PKE meter, ghost trap, and a unique translucent ghost (spoiler: the one that comes with Mikey is the best of the bunch). Each figure comes packed in a windowed box that’s notably well-designed and display-worthy. The figures each stand at 6 inches tall.

Simply put, these figures are just fun at their core. Imagine the possibilities if they had these when you were a kid. Fighting ghosts as a Ninja Turtle? How ridiculously fun!

Here’s to hoping we get the inside-out version of these toys, so-to-speak, with each of the Ghostbusters dressing up as a Ninja Turtle in the near future.

These will make a perfect addition to your Christmas wishlist, and when Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles / Ghostbusters 2 hits in November, they’re going to fly off shelves.

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Price: $19.99 Each

Buy them here.

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