AJIN Demi-Human to Premiere Tomorrow on Netflix

Ajin Demi-humanNetflix has been gaining a lot of momentum recently with streaming rights for many great anime. Tomorrow, AJIN Demi-Human comes exclusively to Netflix.

In Japan, the popular streaming service premiered each episode just 3 days after airing on television. Now that the show is all wrapped up, they are opening up to the global audience.

The anime is an adaptation of Gamon Sakurai’s manga of the same name. The story centers around a young boy attending high school. When he is hit by a truck, he dies only to find out that his demi-human. Being immortal, he is now forever on the run from those who hunt beings like him.

The manga series has been met with much praise since it began releasing in 2012. With Netflix being the streaming juggernaut it is, this is great news for obtaining as many viewers as possible.

Additionally, AJIN is getting made into not just one movie, but a full trilogy. The same voice actors from the show will be used. The first of the three films, AJIN: Shodo (Impulse), opened in Japan on November 27. The next part, AJIN: Shototsu (Collision), releases in just a few weeks in Japan on May 6. The final part, AJIN: Shogeki (Clash), will make its debut in September of this year.

If you would like to read the original manga for AJIN Demi-Human, you can find the first volume here.

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