Mr. Robot Season 2 Trailer: We Have the Power

USA Network has released our very first Mr. Robot Season 2 trailer, and now we’re ready to take on the corrupt corporations, ourselves.

If the first trailer is anything to go by, the series is going to be as frantic as ever, and we’re in for more of the same tone that season 1 had (which is a sign of relief, since the casting of funnyman Craig Robinson had us mildly concerned).

Of course, we know that the second season will have 10 episodes, and according to Sam Esmail, it’s going to be “really f–king dark.” The first season wasn’t exactly lite fare, so we probably should expect it to continue on that path of darkness. Esmail also says that the upcoming season will delve into the history between Darlene, Elliot, and their father, as well as how fsociety was actually formed.

We don’t have an official Mr. Robot Season 2 premiere date just yet, but we know that it’s expected in June or July of this year. For now, you can watch the Mr. Robot season 2 trailer above, and we’ll keep you posted on all of the Mr. Robot news as we catch wind of it.

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