Two New Trailers Showcase The Expert Fighting Styles of Into the Badlands

Coming March 19th 2017 for a second season from AMC, Into the Badlands is turning up the hype train with two brand new trailers. Both are equally action-packed and look like it’s going to be another season of drama and sweet revenge. The first is focused on Sunny, as played by Daniel Wu, practicing his skills and chops wood at the end like a badass.

The second is a less sweaty version of fighting practice, featuring The Widow, played by Emily Beecham. Cold and cutting with her sword, The Widow stands vigilant gripping her already wet blade by the end of this trailer.

Joining the upcoming TV shows for 2017 Into the Badlands is certainly one of the more interesting ones, next to Frontier and and ever scandalous The Young Pope. In a land “built on blood” the show displays a wide range of martial arts, all of which are quite well choreographed. AMC does a unique job of combining both American and Asian film styles during combat, echoing the very nature of the show itself. There is sure to be much more of the same, and even more exciting plot twists to come in the second season. As while the Widow consolidates power against the Barons and Sunny struggles to find his family, season 2 threatens an force greater than both.


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