Spring Anime 2017: Ranked From Most to Least Hyped

With the warm weather slowly approaching, spring is in the air, and the fresh, new spring anime season is not too far from reach. In early 2017, there is a lot to be excited about, with tons of upcoming games, new TV shows to watch, and a few highly anticipated movies. But on the anime front, there are very popular shows getting their well deserved second seasons and continuations, and there are also some brand new anime shows to be excited about, from original series to adaptations of light novels and manga.spring anime 2017

This list will cover every series that is planned to premiere in the spring anime slate, ranked from most hyped to least hyped:

Most Hyped:

Attack on Titan 2

There’s always an “anime of the year” that becomes insanely popular almost overnight, attracting fans of all different ages and interests. Back in 2013, there was a certain spring anime that caught everyone’s attention, becoming insanely popular week by week. This anime was none other than  Attack on Titan.  Fighting the human-like monsters that threaten the existence of all, several brave souls enlist in the army in order to defend civilians and prevent titan attacks. The show was known for its gritty nature and intriguing storyline that got everyone hooked. The first season ended with many questions, which is why a second season is necessary. After catching up with the manga, Attack on Titan will pick up again, focusing on solving the mystery of the existence of titans and more. Will we ever find out what’s in the basement? We may never know.

My Hero Academia

After a successful season one, My Hero Academia returns with a new season and new focus, the school sports festival. A recent trailer was released, showing new cast member and storyline to take place over several weeks. If you are unfamiliar with the anime, it follows the story of a normal boy who lives in a world where everyone has superpowers but him. Although he dreams of becoming a superhero, Midoriya must face being powerless and becoming his own type of hero. This season will follow the manga, and some have speculated that it may suggest a season 3, having the potential for a long running series. Season 1 can be watched officially on Funimation.

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Berserk (2017)

Although the 2016 Berserk continuation was met with some criticism and mixed reviews, there is still a lot of hype surrounding the classic anime series. Berserk (2017) is the second season of last year’s anime and is to adapt the 4th manga arc, the “Falcon of the Millennium Empire”. Instead of facing the evil, spiteful Griffth, Guts takes on a new antagonist, Emperor Ganishka. This villain is a ruthless king who secures his position by killing several people, something Guts absolutely despises. Fans of Berserk are looking forward to a fresh new plot.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Many thought that Naruto would never end, and they were right. The ninja stories continue in a spinoff of one of the most well know anime series. However, instead of Naruto’s adventures, the spotlight will be on his son Boruto. First introduced in the manga and movie, Boruto was revealed to be the son of Naruto and Hinata. Sakura and Sasuke’s daughter Sarada will also be a main character in the series. This anime definitely has the opportunity to become a long-running series due to the past, and also has the potential to please both new and old fans. Although the new cast can never replace the old, it will be interesting to see the new path of the hero.

Blood Blockade Battlefront & BEYOND

Another sequel in the spotlight, Blood Blockade Battlefront is returning for a 2nd season. By the creator of Trigun, BBB follows an underground society who struggles to keep the world around them in balance. This society is called Libra, an organization who constantly fights in several action-packed scenes. It has been noted that this season will be bigger than before and will contain additional storylines not found in the manga. Like many of the other titles on this list, it has potential to be a long-running series.

ATOM: The Beginning

Who was Astro Boy before he became the hero we know? This anime follows his journey before he becomes the classic hero. Although there is not a lot of information on it just yet, there is a lot of promise due to the popularity of Astro Boy in Japan.

Alice to Zouroku

An anime with an interesting concept, Alice to Zouroku has a fascinating premise. Girls with a special ability have their imaginations come true. With this power, whatever manifests in their minds can come to life. However, those with this power are locked up, restrained, and researched. However, one girl has escaped and can defy the laws of physics. She encounters an old man who dislikes disruptions, and her journey begins. The art is nice, the concept sounds cool, which makes it a series with lots of potential.


spring anime 2017

Every anime season has a unique new series that grabs attention, and Re:CREATORS may be it. This anime has an emphasis on the human stories around us that evoke both serious and pleasant emotion. Stories can make us laugh, cry, and experience deep thoughts and feelings. However, in this “story”, the characters of the stories gain intentions and face off against the gods who created them. The visuals are beautiful and the story sounds interesting, so this anime could very well be the sleeper hit of the spring season.

Clockwork Planet

clockwork planet anime

What if the world was dead and rebuilt again? In this series, after the land was destroyed many years back, it was rebuilt into the “Clockwork Planet” by someone titled “Mysterious Person Y”. A mechanic on the cyberpunk-like planet named Miura Naoto’s life changes one day when an android girl falls from the sky in a tomb. Although this sort of meeting is kind of cliche in anime, it sounds like an interesting story and setting that differs from the norm. It’s also worth noting that this anime is based on a successful light novel series, so it has a lot of potential as an anime.

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Sword Oratoria

A very popular light novel series and eventually an anime, Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Became a cult hit in the community with plenty of action and funny moments. Although many wish to have another season to continue the main story, there is a spinoff to premiere this spring. Sword Oratoria follows a powerful warrior titled the “Snow Princess” who conquers the dungeons and labyrinths in the city. One day, she encounters a white haired boy, our former protagonist. It is great to see the story from her perspective. A light novel translation is available by Yen Press for those who are interested.

Kado: The Right Answer

kato the right answer anime

Politics have been on the radar lately, even in anime series. One day, the director of policy planning for Japan’s airplane is stopped by a mysterious structure in the sky. A man shows up, convincing the passengers that they are in no harm. However, the man sends a message to everyone, saying that he is going to “intervene in Japan’s internal affairs”. This show sounds like an interesting political concept that combines both real life and fantasy and can make for a very smart and philosophical anime if done right. It will also be the first full CGI animation by Toei Animation, which may set the bar for future series.

Granblue Fantasy The Animation

granblue fantasy animation

Mobile games are very hyped up in Japan, and Granblue is not an exception. The story follows a world of skies with several islands that drift within it. A boy and his lizard live on an island of mysteries and come across a girl who escaped from a ruthless government of the Erste Empire. From then on, the two set off on an adventure throughout the skies in the search of the Island of Stars. For a mobile game, Granblue has a solid plot and sounds like a very promising anime series. Episodes 1 and 2 were pre-aired before the April date and were met with good reviews. If you are interested, check out the first eps on Crunchyroll.

Sakura Quest

spring anime 2017

Living in a small town, five girls work together at a tourism bureau. As a result of the “bubble-economy” period, the girls become tourist ambassadors for their provincial town, seeking more visitors for their program. Although there is not too much information on this anime yet, it really sounds like it has potential with the subject, storytelling, and characters. There can be a lot of “cute girls doing cute things” anime out there, but this one seems to have promise and substance with the goal of providing for a town and focusing on the working world rather than high school. Like Granblue, episodes 1 and 2 will be pre-aired in Japan and hopefully to an English streaming site.

Hinako Note

hinaku note anime 2017

As humans, we often struggle with certain aspects of our lives, and how we present ourselves to others. Hinako, a girl who struggles with speaking, opts to join a theater club in order to improve her interactions with people. Moving from a rural town to a big city, Hinako faces her fears and also seeks self-improvement. However, she finds herself rooming at a secondhand bookstore with a girl who…eats book. Yes, this sounds incredibly strange, but this is also anime and nothing is off limits. This slice of life show suggests that there will be both heartwarming and hilarious moments.

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Kenka Banchou Otome: Girl Beats Boys

girl beats boys

Probably one of the coolest concepts this season, Kenka Banchou Otome is about a girl named Hinako who is approached by her twin brother who claims she is part of the yakuza family. Her twin brother has a request for her, to take his place at the toughest high school in the nation overrun with delinquents. Therefore, Hinako must become the new boss and tough girl of the school, longing to save her brother and maybe find romance along the way with one of 5 guys. Although each episode will only be 10 minutes in length, it seems like a real promising anime this season and a way to revamp the Otome genre.

Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend 2

saekano anime

Saekano has an interesting concept and is back again for a season 2. In this series, an otaku protagonist encounters a beautiful girl one day but his goals quickly turn into something else, the development of a dating sim game. Creating a team of the most beautiful girls in school, each has a role in developing the game with the goal of selling it at Comiket. The sequel will pick up where season 1 has left off with the development of their game and the emotional attachments of the team.

The Eccentric Family 2

the eccentric family

Sometimes folklore meshes with modern day stories beautifully, and the Eccentric Family is one of those stories. Set in Kyoto, the story focuses on the clashing of tanuki and tengu spirits with humans. The Eccentric Family focuses on tanuki Yasaburo, whose father was killed by humans one day. The story follows his life and interactions with others such as taking care of his teacher, encountering a human girl, and discovering what happened to his father. The second season introduces new characters and is set up for those who have watched the first season. In 2013, the anime won the Excellence Award at the Japan Media Arts Festival Awards, so there are high hopes that the second season can continue the legacy.

Sakurada Reset

sakurada reset anime spring 2017

Another unique title this season, Sakurada Reset shows a lot of promise with its story description and concept. In a town where half of the population harnesses a unique power, there is a group that monitors the use of these powers, titled Kanrikyoku. A few high schoolers work for this group, executing various missions given to them. One student has the ability to turn back time three days in the past, while the other has the ability to retain the memories of the past. The two work together in order to monitor the town and piece together what has happened. Honestly, the story could go two ways: heartwarming or disturbing and it’s exciting to see what could become of it.

Medium Hype:

Fukumenkei Noise

fukumenkei noise anime

Featuring a singer and a promise with a childhood friend, Fukumenkei Noise follows a girl named Nino who is considered a loner. Wearing a mask and headphones, she escapes within her music. Once separated from her childhood friend, they agreed to meet again one day with the sign of a song. However, in the meantime, Nino also meets a boy and loves the songs he composes, but he vanishes from her life as well. 6 years in the future, the girl and boy meet again, with Nino still trying to reach out for her friend. The series sounds inspiring with lots of symbolism in-between. It sounds like a solid slice of life anime.

The Royal Tutor

royal tutor

Following the manga of the same title, this new anime series will focus on a small, but a knowledgeable professor who is in charge with tutoring the kingdom’s four princes. Each of the four princes has a different personality, making learning a little bit difficult. Will they be educated or struggle to keep up with the lessons ahead of them? Will Heine the professor help make these boys suitable to run a country? There are a few manga volumes out and this anime seems like a good comedy to watch with the more serious titles this season.


If you ever heard of the Kabuki style of theater that originated in Japan, this may be the anime for you. This anime follows a 15-year-old boy named Kurogo Kurusu, a student who wishes to develop a kabuki club at his high school. However, he can’t perform alone and struggles to find students to join. It’s refreshing to see an anime focused on a different style of club besides sports, and it has potential to be an entertaining watch and performance. The main character is said to be obsessed with Kabuki to the point of annoyance, so there is sure to be some hilarious moments.

Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism

When a formerly all-girls school goes coed, female students are asked to bring weapons to defend themselves. However, some took this ruling to the extreme, developing a vigilante corps titled the “Supreme Five Swords”. After several years, the organization developed into a type of correctional organization that aimed to reform delinquent students. The academy even accepted problem students in order to be corrected. After the male main character gets into a fight, he faces expulsion or the chance of reform…by dressing up and playing the part of a girl. Although this show sounds somewhat entertaining, it’s not clear how respectful it will be towards women. It seems like it could have empowering message beneath the surface or be a typical harem anime. It’s unclear at this point.

Roku de Nashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records

If you were to enroll in a magical high school, you may have certain expectations. Maybe you would want to learn certain elements, spells, and more. At any rate, you are there to learn. But what if your professor is lazy and unwilling to teach the class? This anime follows Sisti, a girl who is eager to learn but is faced with a less-than-serious instructor, who she cannot believe was picked by the most renowned magician in the academy. The story itself sounds fun and the manga was well received by readers, which means that this title can become a solid anime series for spring.

Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho

An award winning light novel series making it to the small screen, Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho is set to premiere this spring. Taking place in the year 526, witches exist, but little is said about the study of magic. One day, a half beast half man merc meets a witch, and his dreams of becoming fully human do not seem far from reach. His wish comes at a price, however, when he is forced to become an escort for the witch called Zero. Thus begins their epic adventure in search of a rare tome. What’s notable about this anime is that it is animated by White Fox Studio, who is also responsible for the animation of Re;Zero, one of the most popular anime in 2016. We can only hope for the best for this series, as it has lots of potential and plenty of content to keep going after season 1.


starmyu 2

Although there are many shows about female idol groups, there are also male groups that take the spotlight sometimes. However, this anime focuses on musicians rather than flashy idol-like performances. STARMYU 2 is the continuation of the boy’s musical show STARMYU. Each of the main characters long to be accepted into the Star Frame Class, an elite program that is for the top students at the academy. Season 2 will have more training auditions as well as a new cast. If you haven’t seen the first one, it’s probably better to start there since this is a more niche series.

Warau Salesman NEW

Fukuzo Moguro, a shady salesman, promises to grant wishes to people who are struggling with their life for free. However, his clients often don’t follow the rules and conditions he has set for them. If they don’t follow this, then they pay a hefty price. The story originated in 1968 as a manga and eventually an anime in 1989. Although there isn’t too much information on it yet, it definitely sounds like an interesting concept. The art style is a bit iffy, but might fit given the nature of the characters in the show.

Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? Isogashii Desu ka? Sukutte Moratte Ii Desu ka?

Another light novel anime with a long name, this show focuses on young girls called “Leprechauns”, who are the only ones that can defeat monsters called Beasts. Wielding ancient weapons, the girls fight the beasts who are deadly and extremely dangerous to fight. During their struggles, a man wakes up from a 500-year slumber, realizing that he was the last human on Earth. Although the concept does sound interesting, the show does sound borderline generic. However, it’s not fair to judge until a few episodes are premiered. It honestly could be a great show.

Tsuki ga Kirei

On a fateful day in their third year of junior high, Akane and Kotaro meet. This original anime will focus on their interactions with others, from their parents, coaches, fellow students, as well as the romance between them. Although there is not that much information on the anime itself, we do know that the visuals appear to be beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. We are unsure of the direction of the anime, but it seems to be a school life drama. To stand out from the others, Tsuki ga Kirei needs something unique, which we very well may get once it premieres. For now, we do not know.

Least Hyped:

Love Kome: We Love Rice

Some anime subjects are rather strange and may make you question why you are watching it. Love Kome: We Love Rice seems to be one of those anime. Types of rice are amorphized into male students. If that wasn’t weird enough, students form something called a “Love Rice” unit and “perform a harvest show” to prove that bread is the most popular grain at school. If you are as confused as I am on this one, it might be best to skip this series for now.


Sometimes in anime, beautiful girls start running into you and living with you for no reason, and then all of a sudden they become part of your life. In this harem anime, a boy is surprised one day when a girl in a kimono suddenly starts living in his room without warning. However, his childhood friend also is in his business, but she’s not the only one. Add a creepy, older sister who protects her brother and a so-called “big-chested” priestess, and there is the harem. Although the manga has good reviews, this anime is low on the hype list for the overall description of the girls and the setup being like nearly every harem anime out there. Sure, it could do well. It doesn’t sound like it will stand out, so it’s a pass for us right now.

Eromanga Sensei

A high schooler turned light novel author has an artist, but has never met him in person. He also has a sister who has been living as a NEET/shut-in for a year. One day, he discovers that his sister is his secret artist, one who he thought would be a perverted otaku. Here, the pair continues to work with one another and even face off against a rival shoujo artist for sales. Although the concept sounds funny, the reason it’s ranked so low is because of the little sister theme of the show. The “cute little sister” trope in anime has not only pushed moral boundaries, it has been overdone so many times. It’s uncertain where this one will go.

Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni…

Josei, or anime directed towards an adult female audience, are not often broadcasted, so it’s awesome when one is premiering for this season. However, this one does not seem like it will be the best out there. Following a woman who meets up with an old classmate at a reunion, the story unfolds as the two get drunk. It’s discovered that he is a priest and has taken over his family’s shrine. The description even says that “things heat up”. Although it could be funny, it kind of seems to be pushing boundaries with adult-like themes and lacks a plot as of now. Unfortunately, it’s not really hyped as of now.

Idol Time PriPara

Ever since the explosion of moe idol culture, there has also been an onset of generic idol shows that premiere nearly every season. Idol Time PriPara is one of those shows. Featuring a cast of “cute girls doing cute things” there is nothing that stands out about this anime that would make it a must watch for spring. The show starts off like many of the others, a girl wants to be an idol and she finds friends and they make it happen. Even though this show is low on the hype meter, their outfits are very cute!

Puri Puri Chii-chan!!

An anime definitely aimed at a younger audience, Puri Puri Chii-chan!! focuses on a girl and her pet alien, following their day to day lives together. This is all the information we have on the series, so it’s very low on the hype scale due to its focus on a younger audience and lack of plot.

Frame Arms Girl

Sometimes, developers of toys in Japan will take advantage of anime to promote their products, and Frame Arms Girl is no exception. In a package, one day comes a small female robot with a programmed AI and life of her own. Ao, the main character, begins to live with this robot and control it. Since this is a product-focused show, it will probably try to show off the actual product rather than focus on story, which is why it’s so low on this list.

Tomica Hyper Rescue Drive Head: Kidou Kyuukyuu Keisatsu

Similar to Frame Arms Girl, this anime focuses on a line of toys targeted at children. These toys are robot/vehicle hybrids. If you have a child who is into robots, it may be a good watch for them, but it’s probably best to skip it.

The Snack World

An anime with 3D instead of 2D, The Snack World ranks dead last for hype this season for a few reasons. First, the art style is bland and ugly. Second, the plot simply revolves around a fantasy world that has convenience stores. Third, it seems to be targeted towards young children again. If you have a child, it may be a good choice for them, but finding it legally translated or translated at all is unlikely.

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